my lessons in tease, orgasm denial and Femdom control training

A Gift from Mistress Cassandra

Collared for Mistress Cassandra

This past weekend, after eleven days locked in chastity, Mistress Cassandra favored me with her attention. First, thankfully, I was released from my chastity cage. Just being free from its confining grasp was gift enough to have me profusely thanking my imaginative Mistress. I slowly, deliberately, caressed the flesh that been denied for so long. However, manual relief was not what Mistress had planned for me. I was commanded to strap my cock into the electro harness for her entertainment. Slowly she forced the dial up, up and then up again. “More Juice” she demanded with a haunting chuckle.  I complied until my whole groin was buzzing with the electrical torment. Still not satisfied she required nipple clamps to further my submission. I complied, as always, to her directives wanting nothing more than to release my desire which she had so cleverly cultivated over the preceding days. Thus, judging me now properly conditioned and motivated… we talked. She comfortably seated while I stood clamped and highly charged. We discussed service-oriented submission as described by Ms Rika. It is not what the dominant does to the submissive but rather what the submissive does for the dominant. With the electrons sharply kissing my cock, her words made so much sense. I could do nothing but agreed with her irrefutable logic. Then, with Her lesson properly taught to her captive student, Mistress Cassandra instructed me to lock myself into the cage once again. There would be no orgasm today. Finally, since I had followed her instructions so dutifully, my kind Mistress gave me a gift. A gift that would last me the whole weekend. Under her careful supervision I was requested to lock a posture collar around my neck and fasten it with a numbered plastic lock. I quickly compiled and found myself standing at attention under her gaze. In a voice that I could tell was delivered with a smile, my sweet Mistress informed me that I could remove the cruel collar on Monday morning… but she might check back beforehand to insure strict compliance with instructions. So for the remainder of the weekend I stayed doubly locked for my beautiful Mistress. Thank you for my gift.


4 responses

  1. Putting you in that collar was great fun, especially since you were in a chatty mood and maybe didnt want to play for fear of the result. Well there you have it!


    January 25, 2011 at 12:10 pm

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