my lessons in tease, orgasm denial and Femdom control training

Mistress Cassandra, Queen of Denial

Last weekend, in addition to being permitted “free range” status, I was also given several assignments by my provocative Mistress Cassandra. One of these was to edge every hour when I wasn’t sleeping. The manner in which these edges were to be performed was rigidly prescribed; naked, on my knees before her image and chanting “Mistress Cassandra owns my cock”. Additionally, I was to prepare an image of my beautiful Mistress as Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile (or is that Queen of Denial). So between the hourly alarms signaling my obligated self frustration, I assembled the required artwork and pieced together the scene in Photoshop. Tracing the curves of her luscious body to blend the images together to meet her demanding quality standards was pure torture. My desire to release, built over weeks of enforced chastity, spurred my desire to achieve perfection in my task. As the hours passed, the image took shape in a way that I hoped would please her. Striving to impress (like all males in chastity must), I also created an anaglyph; a 3D version of the image that appears when wearing red/cyan colored glasses. As the weekend came to a close, and after 34 edges delivered with the proper reverence, I sent the final image for Mistress’ inspection. My reward for this obedience and creativity… stay tuned. You can see the final product and read the story that inspired it on Mistress Cassandra’s blog.


One response

  1. I enjoy the artwork and will upload the 3d photo after I unwrap My 3d glasses. I’m joining in on the geek fun. Good post, keep up the worship.


    February 4, 2011 at 11:23 am

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