my lessons in tease, orgasm denial and Femdom control training

A Month of Denial and the Head Mistress

Last night, after 31 long days and nights of chastity, Mistress Cassandra allowed me out of the cage. Orgasm, however, is strictly prohibited until my wife (or as Mistress Cassandra calls her ‘The Head Mistress’) grants me that favor. Until then, I am permitted to masturbate and edge as much as I desire so long as I defer control of my first orgasm in over a month to the Head Mistress. The waiting is excruciating torment. My goal so close yet still out of reach. Waiting for a woman to allow me the pleasure my body so desperately craves. Mistress Cassandra’s voice is still ringing in my ears, “only she can relieve your aching desire”. So I wait…


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