my lessons in tease, orgasm denial and Femdom control training

Two Watchful Mistresses

It was a weekend of mind numbing, bone jarring, raw hot sex that was worth every agonizing second of the month long denial which preceded it.  Now, however, my beautiful Mistress Cassandra has ordered me back into the cage for another sentence of indefinite chastity and denial. I don’t know what she has planned; I only know that I must obey. My cock is now confined in the unyielding grip of pure surgical stainless steel, The Watchful Mistress by Mature Metal (you can see the evolution on my Mistress Cassandra’s blog). My first night in this new chastity device was sensuously maddening. While comfortable to wear, its custom fitted confines allowed no room for expansion of any sort. The hardened metal quickly dismissed any hints of rising passion as easily as Mistress Cassandra does in our all too infrequent encounters. So I begin the long wait again… my desire mounting as the hours pass. I know from past trials that I will soon become desperate for relief. Frantic with cravings that will be exploited by my cleverly cruel yet hauntingly desirable Mistress; I will succumb to her rule. The future is not yet written.


2 responses

  1. excellent review, time will tell for sure!


    February 17, 2011 at 7:45 pm

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