my lessons in tease, orgasm denial and Femdom control training

The Dreamlover 2000 order is in!

Soon after Dreamlover Labs opened their online orders, Mistress Cassandra and I decided to give it a try. The price is steep, but being on the cutting edge of any technology has its price. We were hoping to have the unit this weekend for experimentation but sadly the Male Management Goddess didn’t cooperate so we will have to wait a little longer (talk about tease and denial!). Mistress Cassandra did successfully connect through the companies Male Management Nexus which allowed her to remotely “push my buttons”. While we impatiently wait for the Dreamlover 2000 to arrive, I proposed a list of actions to be programmed into the “silent commands” for my Mistress.  The silent commands are unique vibratory patterns delivered to my penis through the built in arousal inducer at the touch of a button on Mistress’ command console to invoke behavioral roles or specific actions. So what commands would most please my most talented Mistress? Here are the options I have presented her so far:

  • Dismissed (remove any toys, get dressed, resume prior activities / duties)
  • Get naked
  • Kneel
  • Stand at attention
  • Apply nipple clamps
  • Insert anal toy
  • Apply and lock cuffs, collar
  • Apply gag (no eating, drinking or smoking!)
  • Exercise
  • At ease/rest
  • Chant mantra/meditate
  • Shower

If you have ideas on additional actions that you think would amuse Mistress Cassandra to command me from afar, please leave a comment. I will be recording and updating my impressions and experiences on this blog regularly. In the meantime, why not give Mistress Cassandra a call to discuss your own chastity training program; with or without a Dreamlover strapped to your manhood.


One response

  1. Soon enough, there will be a “get the cuffs and chains on!”


    March 14, 2011 at 2:04 pm

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