my lessons in tease, orgasm denial and Femdom control training

Tease & Denial, Dreamlover Style

After having the Dreamlover for only a few days, my always clever Mistress Cassandra has come up with additional ways to use this new technology to remotely tease and deny me. How did she accomplish this? First she had me adapt the Dreamlover electrodes to connect to readily available self adhesive e-stim pads. I did this through the use of fully insulated “female spade” terminals that were crimped onto standard electro plug wires (see photo at left). The spade terminals slipped over the ring terminals of the Dreamlover electrodes enabling a secure, insulated connection without modification to the unit itself. Now she could command me to place the adhesive pads in various sensitive areas at her whim. Next she had me attach the vibrating arousal inducer to my “sweet spot” with a hair tie. Now fully connected and at her disposal, she could stimulate, zap or both simultaneously from her remote management panel. Needless to say, this gave Mistress Cassandra new levels of control that allowed her to bring me to new, dizzying heights of frustration (a task that she relishes).


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