my lessons in tease, orgasm denial and Femdom control training

The waiting is the hardest part

Last weekend my supercharged Mistress Cassandra toyed with me using the Dreamlover connected to the Humber. For 35 minutes I was forced to remain on all fours as she randomly sent commands and electric torments to my balls from her male management console while viewing my reactions on webcam. It was an intense training session to be sure. Oh, and I was denied.

This weekend, I was instructed to wire myself to the Dreamlover in preparation for, as of yet, unknown remote persuasion at her inspiring hand. I have modified the DL connation so that it no longer requires the elastic conductive strap to be used with my metal chastity cage. The first electrode is still connected to the TENS pad, but the second is now attached to the metal cage itself. The resulting infamous Dreamlover pulse is now even more intense while still using the default settings. They are strong enough that it takes real mental effort to overcome the physical aversion when pushing the “summon” switch. However, I am now wired into the nexus and Mistress Cassandra can invoke any command she chooses at any time. As the song says, The waiting is the hardest part…


One response

  1. Indeed you wait. Mistress is a bit tired today and simply does not feel like playing with her boy.
    He did take it in stride as a true sub does, after all, he is here to give comfort without demand.
    Now you are getting it, but you always did!


    April 16, 2011 at 6:09 pm

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