my lessons in tease, orgasm denial and Femdom control training

Parachute Playtime with Mistress Cassandra

In a previous session, Mistress Cassandra ordered me to obtain a one gallon jug which could be attached to a parachute that in turn would be attached to my balls. Needless to say, I complied with her wishes and obtained the required item. However, since I was locked into the Watchful Mistress at the time, there was no way I could try out this new torment until given permission. I filled the container about half full and recoiled at the weight. Could my tender orbs take this strain? When the time arrived and Mistress allowed the chastity device off and the parachute on, I was unable to tolerate the burden. Thankfully, Mistress allowed me to pour out some of the fluid (finally ending at one-quarter full) until I could endure this load. With this apparatus tugging at my sensitive nuts, I was finally allowed to touch my cock. What a torment! Even though I desperately needed the relief that she had allowed, I couldn’t enjoy the momentary stimulation because of the constant ache induced by the weights. As the jug swung back and forth between my legs, I desperately attempted the brief and hopeless task of achieving satisfaction. With her evil laugh taunting me, I struggled in vain at my assigned task for what seemed like hours. When my plight and whimpering became tiresome for Mistress Cassandra, I was ordered to remove the parachute and lock back into chastity (without orgasm, naturally). She did comment that the next encounter would involve increasing the level of liquid and maybe attaching the Dreamlover to provoke involuntary muscular movement from its electrical inspiration. Mistress Cassandra is so creative in devising wicked ordeals for me. Thank You my Mistress!


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