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A blissful marriage – Watchful Mistress & Dreamlover 2000

Goaded on my Mistress Cassandra’s insistence that the Dreamlover 2000 be continuously available and at her disposal as a training incentive, I relentlessly pursued improvements which would enable me to sport this device 24/7. While my earlier attempts at attaching the Dreamlover were very effective at delivering her sinister electronic zap, they failed to be practical for long term wear. However, with a little ingenuity and help from the wonderful people at both Mature Metal and Dreamlover Labs I now have a customized cage that will fulfill my Mistress’s requirements.

A Metal Chastity Cock Lock is the Solution

Although the Dreamlover 2000 has worked flawlessly ever since it arrived, initially it seemed attachment to metal cages was problematic. However, as is many times the case, turning this disadvantage into an advantage is the solution. Rather than trying to isolate the electrodes from the cage, it is possible to use the metal cage itself as the conductor. The first challenge is to electrically isolate the two parts of the cage. Due to the unique pin and collar design of Watchful Mistress (and many of the Mature Metal designs) this can be easily accomplished by widening the collar hole slightly, covering the pin with heat-shrink tubing and using plastic locks. Next, since it is necessary that only certain surfaces of the cage and ring come into electrical contact with the skin, part of the Watchful Mistress need to be coated with a plastic insulator. Using PlastiDip (available at most hardware stores), the base ring was completely covered except at the very bottom where the ring makes electrical contact behind the scrotum. Thus, this insulated base ring becomes the first electrode for the Dreamlover. The great people at Dreamlover Labs confirmed and approved of these modifications. Likewise, the exterior of the metal cage is covered with plastic so that only the interior will make electrical contact with the penis. All that is left is to connect the leads of the Dreamlover to the two pieces of the device. Mature Metal, whose customer service is excellent, custom-built the device with threaded holes tapped into the cage and the end of the pin specifically for this purpose. A photo before the plastic was applied is available here. The result is a chastity cage that is comfortable to wear and provides excellent electrical connectivity for electrical pulses regardless of position or physical movement! The PlastiDip material can be mixed to make any color. Fortunately for me Mistress Cassandra’s choice was to opt for clear. Thank you for not choosing pink Mistress!  They are easier to see in a picture of an early prototype found here.

High Security Electrical Chastity

Another feature of the Mature Metal solution is the use of “security screw” for connection to the Dreamlover. The screw heads are machined with non-standard fittings so that only the tool supplied with the cage can be used to remove the leads. This effectively prevents the male from pulling the plug when the training becomes too intense. Additionally a new feature of the Dreamlover 2000, the Penis Detector, will alert the operator if any tampering with the electrical connectivity has occurred. Thus, even if the male in training tried to connect a wire between the ring and the cage in an attempt to short circuit correction pulses, this infraction would be immediately obvious to his owner. Now there is no getting away from those highly motivating zaps to the genitals

A Week of 24/7 Submission with Mistress Cassandra

Armed with this new level of power and control afforded by these customizations, Mistress Cassandra has decided that a full week of 24/7 access is just what my chastity training program needs. During this week I’m sure I’ll be both randomly stimulated with the arousal inducer and corrected at her whim. Oh, lest I forget to mention, she loves the canine mode so I’m sure that it will be making it’s humbling enforcement will be making an appearance. There is also talk of the Dreamlover being used as an alarm clock! In the coming (or in my case not coming) weeks, I will be able to report how it feels to awake to the sensation of that infamous pulse in order to attend to Mistress’s needs and desires.


Note: I am not affiliated with Dreamlover Labs or Mature Metal in any way. I receive no financial incentive to review or promote either of these companies or their products. My relationship is that of a customer with positive experiences. This is purely a non-profit blog written in tribute to Mistress Cassandra. So There!


10 responses

  1. freecroma

    The traditional methods (caning, whipping etc.) excite me better

    July 1, 2011 at 11:54 pm

  2. My Mistress has given me the name Sissy Barbie

    My Mistress awards points and canes me at the end of my session, and it lacks immediacy, at the time the points do not worry me at all, and I have a high pain threshold and the strokes aren’t too bad to worry about them before hand.

    Thank you “Q'” for letting us all know your progress, and thank you to Mistress Cassandra for allowing “Q” to tell us. Early in your blog I wondered if “Q’ would be so totally enslaved by the DL2000 that we would never hear again from him.

    Could you please answer a question. Can you still remove the battery from the DL2000 receiver unit? I know you could also break the seal and remove the whole thing to the same effect, but if battery removal and replacement could be done without our Mistress’ knowledge it seems to be rather less effective. If zapped at that time the penis detector would presumably show a fault, just like shorting the terminals I suppose. I guess any program zapping you via the DL-Link would also register the failure and report to the Mistress later.

    Mind you,with the restriction on driving while the DL2000 is active, I suppose battery removal with the Mistress’ approval could be a bonus without having to undo a padlock or security tag. This would allow driving to/from work, going more towards 24/7 wear, though for the moment I am only interested in usage during sessions, who knows what Mistress will get me to agree to once she has the power of the DL2000 at her fingertips.

    P.S. Is it “Q” as in the device provider for James Bond?

    July 3, 2011 at 1:44 am

  3. q

    First i would like to thank your Mistress and you, sissy barbie, for your support.

    The plastic housing of the Dreamlover 2000 receiver unit is a two piece clam shell design. Both halves of the housing include the loops for fastening to a belt/strap that goes around your waist. Thus, if you connect the waist strap securely, via locks or security fasteners, it is not possible to remove the battery without detection.

    And yes, my Mistress given name, q, is in part motivated by the gadget master from the James Bond films. It amused Mistress Cassandra to have such an iconic figure in chastity.

    July 3, 2011 at 5:14 am

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  5. Robert

    So you can shower with the Dreamlover 2000 attached and not worry about water damage?

    September 1, 2011 at 3:59 am

    • q

      Yes! Please visit the following link:

      September 1, 2011 at 5:43 am

      • Misstress Marge

        Yes i want to fry it’s weaner not fish. If i am going to spend that kind of money i need a real time demo.

        January 17, 2012 at 5:30 pm

  6. Misstress Marge

    I would enjoy seeing a male slave being trained with the dream lover 2000. Just to gage their responce . Too see how quickly they respond & obey.

    January 17, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    • Sissy Barbie

      I agree with Mistress Marge but to be truly convincing it would be good to see the same subordinate being trained with traditional methods and with the DL2000. Some of us are quite servile to our Mistresses anyway, it is the difference which would be good to see. Most experiments are meaningless without a ‘control’ for reference, and I would like to be fairy sure that it is not just acting so secret filming would be ideal, though permission should be obtained (not under duress) before publication.

      I am a little worried about the cessation of posts by ‘q’. I know it could be anything from a loss of interest, lack of money or time, the ‘curing’ of the fetish, rebellion against his Mistress or Wife, through to utter domination which precludes posting or even death caused maybe indirectly by the stress of being controlled so strictly by a DL2000. Utter domination may sound like it is a nice prospect but I would not want to spend that sort of money to kill myself, there are much cheaper ways to do that (though maybe not so enjoyable up to the point the chest pains start).

      Please ‘q’ just tell us briefly how you are getting on.

      January 20, 2012 at 3:11 am

      • q

        Never fear, q is alive and well. I’m taking a hiatus from the blog to concentrate on other projects.
        Live long and prosper…

        January 20, 2012 at 5:31 am

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