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A sneak peek inside DreamLover Labs

Maybe it’s because I travel a lot… Maybe it’s because I blog frequently… Whatever the reason, I recently got the rare opportunity to meet with the founder of DreamLover Labs and get a peek at the research and development activities of this unique company. We talked about the current product, the DreamLover 2000, and how many people fantasize about owning one either for themselves or their lucky partner. Speaking for myself, I thought about this a lot while it was still in development. The idea of Mistress Cassandra summoning me from afar and remotely punctuating her commands with electric exclamations seemed surreal. I for one was very impressed that they actually got this product to the market regardless of the price; a monumental feat! As we discussed the trials and tribulations of the design, manufacturing and marketing, the deep level of commitment for customer satisfaction became apparent. Unlike many in this business, this is one company that really cares about the post sale experience. With Mistress Cassandra at the helm, my experience has been positively exhilarating.  

Again, note that I am not affiliated with DreamLover Labs in any way and any that claim otherwise are not speaking from a position of knowledge.

More Technology for Chastity  

So what does the future hold? After being sworn to secrecy, I got a look at a few of the concepts that DreamLover Labs is working on. Even better, I got to hold a prototype of one of these new products in my hands. I can’t say more than it’s a great supplement to the DreamLover 2000 and will provide days of sweet frustration for all that own one. What is it? What does it do? How much will it cost? When will it be available? Only Mistress Cassandra holds enough power over me to break my silence. Maybe a call with her will get you more information… or teach you to wait patently like a good boy.


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  1. sissy barbie

    Thank you ‘q’ for keeping us updated. Being in the computer industry I understand the need for secrecy in product development lest it affect sales of existing products, however I am sure most of your readers are trying to read between the lines of what you said. You held it in your hands, this implies it is bigger than a single handful. Sweet frustration could mean a device which stimulates us up to a certain point of arousal and then detects we are about to come and then the device prevents us doing so. The human sexual frequency is well known so this could be quite easy to implement, but why would it be a supplement rather than a (paid) upgrade to the firmware of the existing DL2000. I have to say I can ejaculate wearing just a CB3000 with or without points of intrigue, I just need the right fantasy in my head and either my hands above the CB3000 rubbing myself or holding my breath, therefore for me a device which can simply detect the said frequency and ultimately administer a level 3 pulse (with maybe lower level warnings beforehand) would be a very effective device for my Mistress to ensure I remain a good girl rather than a bad boy.

    More than anything, I am delighted that DreamLover Labs are not sitting on their laurels waiting for the cash to come in but have new products in the development pipeline. For most companies the threat of their competitors bringing out a better offering is the driving force but there really is not much of a competing device for the DL2000. I nearly ordered one but when they started taking orders they re-arranged the web site and I read about “genuine neuroplasticity” which put me off. I love being controlled by my Mistress when we are playing, but having her, maybe inadvertently, modify my behaviour patterns and have those surface when I am working is something I would find unacceptable. Maybe they will bring out a device which is more tailored to part time submissives like me rather than the long term ones the DL2000 is designed for, though how to do that is the tricky part.

    I fantasise about many improvements to the DL2000, like the satellite tracking systems launched a few years ago to allow parents to know where their children are, but with automatic zapping if I wandered from the course my Mistress had programmed me to take. Also on a much smaller scale allowing me to go only certain places in the house, or reverse canine mode so I could not lay down and sleep until my chores were complete, or a attitude mode which does not allow me to lay on my chest (and then masturbate), or a unit to build into my car which blocks the DL2000 whilst I have the ignition turned on so that I CAN wear it whilst driving, it will just not work when it would be distracting.

    Going back to one of your earlier posts I just read, taking a digital picture of the setting of a combination lock is something I have done, but people should have some emergency way of escaping and make sure the picture is in focus and properly recorded. I once wrote a program which recorded the picture in the RAM of my own computer and then waited a set time before displaying the picture. This worked very well when I had set the delay to five minutes for testing purposes. When I did it for real with a 12 hour delay, my computer went into sleep mode and when awoken had lost the image. Fortunately I did have an emergency procedure with a spare set of keys but later had to put my key-safe on my vertical milling machine and mill a slot in the back to extract the main set of keys. That was after trying all 10,000 possible combinations, twice. I still do not understand why did not work, maybe the safes have something clever inside to detect that happening. If it had been digital I would have strongly suspected that, but it was a pure mechanical device.

    sissie barbie

    August 7, 2011 at 10:29 am

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