my lessons in tease, orgasm denial and Femdom control training

Welcoming new bulls to Mistress Cassandra’s chastity stable

Mistress Cassandra has instructed me to document the training protocols while in her service. However, before listing the rules, it is important for the prospective male to understand the profound commitment required to be permitted to claim that she is your Mistress. Start by discarding the notion that you are entitled to her attention. Rather, adopt the attitude that it is a privilege to be grated the favor of her training. She is a lifestyle Mistress and has the pick of many boys all seeking the unique guidance only a few can truly provide. Do not demand anything; a common trait of those wanting to be entertained rather than being taught.  Her time, talents and personal instructions are gifts to those lucky enough to receive them. There are plenty of boys in line behind you eager to take your place. Finally, appreciate both what you are given and what is withheld. Always try to look at things from her point of view and be prepared to give thanks for what may be perceived as punishment. Keep this subservient mindset and the following rules are much easier to follow.

  1. Chastity; when Mistress says lockup stay locked. No cheating! This will be incredibly frustrating, but that’s the point, right? You are metal to be molded in the fires of chastity. An unauthorized orgasm spoils the tempering of the blade.  
  2. Obedience; always carry out her commands and desires in a timely manner to the best of your ability. A lazy or insubordinate male will soon be dismissed by Mistress Cassandra as not worthy of her time.
  3. Respect; your attitude and actions indicate your merit of her affections. Rude behaviors such as instant messaging without permission or demanding instant responses imply your time is more important than hers; definitely not a submissive mannerism. Infractions lead to punishments and dismissal.
  4. Delight; be a joy for Mistress Cassandra. Don’t whine or complain about your frustrations. Negative behaviors do not endear anyone. Alternatively, being positive and delighting her may be very rewarding.
  5. Honesty; as in all relationships, one that is riddled with dishonesty will end badly. However, one that is built on truthfulness will lead to trust and fulfillment.

Although these rules are simple, they can be hard to follow at times. The caged beast will tempt you to do anything, say anything to get relief. I have found that after only a few days the inching for sexual relief turns to a burning need and finally to a frenzy after only a week. Transforming these unquenchable desires into positive actions is the ultimate challenge and yields the ultimate reward. Stay thirsty my friends!


2 responses

  1. Sissy Barbie

    I am taken by the similarity of the rules of a chastity slave and those of a sissy maid. My Mistress has not insisted on chastity for me, though it is optional for her maids and once entered into becomes an absolute commitment. Honesty, respect and obedience are essential for both categories. Your rule about delight is well said, and I will now try to be a delight to my Mistress but I wonder if maybe the requirement for honesty sometimes outweighs the need to delight. If I have a problem I think I should mention it to my Mistress. I agree it should not be in the form of a complaint, nor should I ever whine about anything nor ever mention anything more than once as that would be nagging. I humbly suggest that there is no point suffering in silence what your Mistress does not realise you are suffering. If my Mistress chooses that I suffer, then I suffer gladly and indeed I do so in silence and if that pleases my Mistress all the better but offer your Mistress the pleasure of knowing you are suffering because not doing so is a waste for both of you. Of course there are extra rules for a sissy maid. Being humble kind of goes with respect, and a sissy maid shows her respect by curtseying and bobbing and standing still at various times and keeping her knees together, and holding her skirt out with pinkie finger raised and probably many other rules I have not yet learned being only a trainee sissy maid.

    August 25, 2011 at 9:50 am

    • q

      Thanks for the feedback Sissy Barbie and well said.

      Your point on honesty and delight is well taken. When I find it difficult to determine the best course of action on my own, I ask Mistress Cassandra for clarification. She always provides thoughtful guidance as my teacher and mentor. I then try to use these lessons in order to better serve her in the future. It’s a long road with many twists and turns… but with its own rewards.

      In her service,

      August 25, 2011 at 9:35 pm

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