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The Latowski – Full Coverage, Stainless Male Chastity

One look at the Latowski can strike fear in the hearts (as well as other places) of men. With a finely polished exterior construction of stainless steel, it literally screams no escape while the interior silicon rubber surface gently cradles the more sensitive cargo. This combination of the soft inner surface and the unyielding outer shell with full groin coverage combine to make a truly daunting chastity appliance. It’s like King Arthur meets Edgar Allen Poe! (I bet Guinevere could have found a knightly use for this device.) As if that imposing design wasn’t enough to tame a wayward male, it also neatly houses options for electrical stimulation. Unlike the DreamLover’s DC pulse, this unit houses a completely enclosed, remote-controlled, AC stimulation module from which there is no escape. Each of these belts is custom form fitted to the lucky wearer who can make a quick trip to Germany for a visit to the tailor, Mario Latowski. No doubt that this is the Rolls Royce of chastity belts!


A sneak peek inside DreamLover Labs

Maybe it’s because I travel a lot… Maybe it’s because I blog frequently… Whatever the reason, I recently got the rare opportunity to meet with the founder of DreamLover Labs and get a peek at the research and development activities of this unique company. We talked about the current product, the DreamLover 2000, and how many people fantasize about owning one either for themselves or their lucky partner. Speaking for myself, I thought about this a lot while it was still in development. The idea of Mistress Cassandra summoning me from afar and remotely punctuating her commands with electric exclamations seemed surreal. I for one was very impressed that they (more…)

q’s Metal Chastity Cage Adaptation for the Masses

"Control the cock, control the boy!"

I’m pleased to report that after months of merciless testing by Mistress Cassandra, the perfected adaptation of the Watchful Mistress combined with the Dreamlover 2000 is going into production. In fact, the great folks at Mature Metal will be showing the tantalizing combination of these two devices at Fetishcon this weekend. So if you’re in that area you can go and see it for yourself. Even better, you can order the pair and feel the power. You have my word that with that electrical encouragement, you will do your best to satisfy whoever holds the remote. My delicious Mistress Cassandra certainly enjoys how attentive I am when fitted with this devious duo. I recently listened to an interview where Mistress Delia and Mistress Layla interviewed Mistress MatureMetal and her craftsman / husband. It was they who artfully prepared the cage I that I’m currently locked into. During the interview, it became apparent that all three of the Mistresses were anxious to get their hands on the controls. I’m sure they will find the responses of their chosen, lucky males just as delightful and Mistress Cassandra does with me.

Virtual Chastity Key Holding Service – CarliLock

Keeping Mistress Cassandra informed on the latest developments in chastity is one of my duties. To this end I recently came across the Carlilock web service. The concept employed for virtual key holding is straightforward. Without looking at the numbers reset the combination on a lockbox, take a picture of the new combination and upload this to Carlilock. Then, after locking yourself into chastity, put the keys into the lockbox and secure it. Thus, your only method of release will be when the service displays the picture containing the combination to your lockbox in order to retrieve the keys. Simple enough, right?

When will I be released from chastity?

Although setting the initial duration of denial (either fixed or randomized) is easy, release with Carlilock can have a lot of twists and turns. First, other members of the service and add or remove time to your sentence. Second, you may be required to get non-members of Carlilock to vote for your release. This requirement is only satisfied after you distribute a unique, dynamic link through which a new person actually votes. (I’m sure you’ll see a flurry of those links circulating about the web.) Finally, depending on the options set, you may incur additional penalties when trying to view time remaining. With all these options, member adjustments and penalties, the duration of chastity is anything but deterministic, a feature I’m sure Mistress Cassandra approves of.

Giving up control to Mistress

As if all those variables weren’t enough, you can also have Mistress set all the options. Using this feature, she gets to pick the initial duration, member adjustment increments, penalty times and what you see when asking for release. Of course she gets to see the exact time remaining and can adjust this according to your attitude and performance. Overall an equitable balance of power for a chastity slave.

Although I have not used the service myself, it does look well designed and maintained. So if you’re looking for a virtual key holder, why not give it a try and let me know how it goes. Better yet, let Mistress Cassandra set the options for you. I’m sure she will make your dreams of chastity come true.

Watchful Mistress Update

I have been testing the new Watchful Mistress connected to the DreamLover 2000 for a few days now. As I reported before, the connectivity and reliability seems excellent. Regardless if I am clothed or not, standing, sitting, lying down, on my back, on my side, bending over, or whatever, those pulses come through! (Ouch!) Testing was done using a windows test program that randomly pushed the “Test stealth pulse” of the DreamLover Configuration dialog. Note that this “random pulse” routine would be an excellent addition to Mistress Cassandra’s arsenal of tricks since it really keeps you focused.

The team at DreamLover Labs has suggested that the plastic coating is not needed. Over the next week or so I will be validating this hypothesis. However, Mistress Cassandra wants me to finish testing quickly and hand all control over to her. What Mistress wants, Mistress Gets!

A blissful marriage – Watchful Mistress & Dreamlover 2000

Goaded on my Mistress Cassandra’s insistence that the Dreamlover 2000 be continuously available and at her disposal as a training incentive, I relentlessly pursued improvements which would enable me to sport this device 24/7. While my earlier attempts at attaching the Dreamlover were very effective at delivering her sinister electronic zap, they failed to be practical for long term wear. However, with a little ingenuity and help from the wonderful people at both Mature Metal and Dreamlover Labs I now have a customized cage that will fulfill my Mistress’s requirements.

A Metal Chastity Cock Lock is the Solution


Femdom Fiction featuring Mistress Cassandra – EAISB Chapter 4

Everything as it Should Be . . .

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Chapter 4 – Ms. V’s Rules

As I kissed and licked and tongued Ms. V to another gyrating orgasm, my cock felt painfully compressed as it tried to expand. When Cassandra and Ms. V dismounted my face, I looked down to see the metal cage had been fastened to my cock and balls.

I spoke in astonishment and a little anger, “Cassandra, what the Hell is that?”

Still recovering from my oral stimulus she said, “That is no way to speak to a Lady? Any more outbursts like that and I won’t release you hands.”

Still upset, I growled, “My Lady, what have you done to me?”

“What Have I done to you?” she echoed with sarcasm. “I’ve made sure you will keep your word and honor your agreements with me and Ms. V.” After releasing my hands, I examined the contraption affixed to me. A small, one-piece ring of steel tightly encircled my cock and balls. This, in turn, was attached with a small padlock to a metal tube enclosing my cock too small to permit an erection. The whole apparatus served to keep me from getting hard or obtaining and sexual relief regardless of the method.

“It’s called a chastity cage and you will be wearing it until I decide otherwise” she said with satisfaction.

“But Cassandra” I whimpered, “I really want to make love to you.”

“You just did” she smiled. “And you performed exceptionally. Not even Cleopatra had a servant that performed better than you. You were so very motivated to pleasuring me, I must thank you” as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Now go wash up, you have a lot of work to do today and you don’t want to keep Ms. V waiting, she doesn’t like that.” With that, my wife got dressed left me alone and naked… save for my new stainless steel prison.

As I walked to our bathroom, I pulled and tugged on my new cage. It held firm trapping my cock and balls in hardened steel. No amount of twisting or prodding seemed to release its grip. Once I reached the toilet, I was presented with a new challenge. How was I going to pee in this thing?  The tube had a small hole in the end, but nothing I could aim with. I tried as best I could to point, but pee ended up going everywhere. Finally, I resigned myself to sit down and pee with my dick between my legs. Hearing the toilet flush, Cassandra called up to me from downstairs, “I guess you’ll be leaving the seat down from now on, right?” I chose not to reply, this was humiliating! Getting in the shower, I lathered up and scrubbed my skin as well as rubbing my sore muscles from being bound all night. In the previous days that week, I had followed Cassandra’s directive not to masturbate, but I did take pleasure in washing my cock. Perhaps giving it a few more rubs with my hand than really needed for sanitary purposes. Now, even that little guilty pleasure was denied. I soaped and rinsed the imprisoned region, the water tickling my sensitive manhood inside the tube only served to frustrate me more. Giving up, I turned off the water, dried, dressed and proceeded downstairs to face me wife turned captor.

“Took you long enough” she admonished with a snap. “Showers are for washing, not for enjoyment.”

“But I was…”

“No buts and no excuses” she said flatly. “From now on your showers will take no more than 5 minutes, understood?”

“Understood, my Lady”

“Very good; and about how you should address me, when in public stick with my Lady but when we are home, alone you should use Mistress.”

“Yes my La…, Yes Mistress”

“Better! Now who told you to get dressed?” she looked at me with a regal air.

“No one, Mistress”, I was starting to dislike this turn of events yet my cock struggled to salute her again.

“Take them off and return promptly.”

I took the clothes I had just put on back upstairs and return brandishing only my new steel vanquisher.

“Now kneel down here” she pointed to the floor before her seat “and listen. Ms. V has some rules for you to follow and you better do what she says if you ever want to get out of that chastity cage.” Slipping out of her shorts, Cassandra positioned Ms. V on the edge of her chair.

“Rule #1, when Ms. V gives you a command, you will obey without hesitation” she began.

“Rule #2, Ms. V is never wrong. You may not argue or challenge her decisions.”

“Rule #3, following a command, you will kiss and properly thank Ms. V when she is in full view.”

My wife paused and looked down at me expectantly. When I didn’t move, she cleared her throat in an obvious way indicating an action was required on my part.

Slowly putting two and two together, I moved forward on my knees and kissed her pussy, “Thank you Ms. V”

Momentarily satisfied, Cassandra continued, “Rule #4, unless you are otherwise restrained, you must always be on your knees when Ms. V is in full view.

“Thank you, Ms. V.” was my response, kissing Cassandra’s sex again.

“Rule #5, and this is very important, you may not, under any circumstances, orgasm unless in the presence of Ms. V.” Cassandra glared at me with one of those I damn well mean it expressions.

“Thank you, Ms. V.” followed by a kiss.

“Rule #6, you must always ask Ms. V’s permission to orgasm in the following manner: Would it please you for me to squirt Ms. V?”

Wincing a little at that phrase, I kissed and said “Thank you, Ms. V.”

“Rule #7, to address Ms V, you must first ask permission in the following manner: Would Ms. V please indulge her servant?

 “Thank you, Ms. V” with another kiss.

With that, Cassandra stood up, pulled down her shorts, brushed past me and continued as if nothing put of the ordinary had happened. I was astonished in the quick change of attitude. She busied herself in the paperwork she keeps for household chores and grocery lists. Not knowing what else to do, I stood up stiffly and went for my first cup of coffee of the morning. My cock was still testing the limits of the cage, so I thought I’d brave a question of my wife turned hellcat.

“Mistress, when will you remove this cage?”

Glancing briefly at me, she said “You’d have to ask Ms. V.”

 Remembering the ordeal I just endured, I spoke the required words “Would Ms. V please indulge her servant?”

This time, without looking up, Cassandra said firmly, “No.”

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Femdom Fiction featuring Mistress Cassandra – EAISB Chapter 3

Everything as it Should Be . . .

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Chapter 3 – A Gift from Ms. V

I awoke to the smell of coffee wafting through the house. It had been a long and torturous night. While Cassandra had slept nude by my side, the cock ring had continued to inflame my desire with its erotic dancing into the wee hours of the morning. With my hands shackled to the headboard, I was unable to do anything but desperately long for the sexual favors only she could grant. Fortunately the batteries in the relentless plastic tormenter attached to my cock had run down allowing me a little fitful sleep. With the morning sunshine now streaming through the windows, I could see that Cassandra was no longer in our bed. However, in her place was an elegantly wrapped gift covered in deep ruby-red paper. Unable to reach out, I strained to examine it as much as my bound condition allowed. Between the fancy lace bow and ribbons I could just make out the tag written in stylish calligraphy, “To: q, From: Ms. V”. My mind searched for connections. Who was Ms. V? Why was she giving ‘q’ a present? Why was it here next to me on the bed? Having no choice because of my restrained situation, I pondered these and similar questions while I helplessly waited for the beautiful and suddenly mystifying woman of my life. After an excruciating wait, I’m not sure exactly how long because from my locked position I was not able to see the clock on my wife’s nightstand, I heard Cassandra’s footsteps coming up the stairs. Betrayed by my own anatomy and its sex starved condition, my cock rose to salute her femininity.

“Well good morning sleepy head”, she spoke with a cheery voice. “I see you’re finally up”, glancing at my engorged cock as she emphasized the last word. “About time you get it into gear, don’t you think?”

“Sorry my Lady”, I said apologetically; the salutation of reverence becoming almost second nature.

“It’s all right” she said laughingly. “I know I was a bit hard on you last night.” All I could do was moan in frustration. Her clever words, along with the short shorts and bikini top she was wearing, induced the desired reaction in my loins. She sat down on my side of the bed and idly began to fondle my overfilled balls. “Are you ready for breakfast”, she said coyly.

“My Lady, I’m ready to screw like a rabbit”, I responded truthfully.

“Everything as it should be” she said and began to lower one of the straps on her too tight bikini top with the hand that was not playing with balls. As her full breast was slowly reveled, I bent my neck forward. Straining to reach its goal, my mouth opened with anticipation. Slowly as more and more of her feminine charms appeared I hungrily stretched to meet them. “You’re going to be gentle, aren’t you boy.” I nodded yes. “You’re going to be nice to my nipple” more urgent nods. “You’re going to worship it as you know I like.” While I strained and whimpered, the excruciating slow strip tease continued until finally her areola came into view. At the same time her nipple appeared, her hand slid up my cock to my most sensitive spot. I almost passed out from the simultaneous assault on my combined senses. “You want me?” was her rhetorical question, her exposed breast just inches from my watering mouth. “You must to promise to be a good boy today.”

“I promise, my Lady”

“You must promise to do what I say”, she said as the tantalizingly slow massage of my cock continued. “No arguments or disobedience, boy. Otherwise you’ll be… punished”, her manual stimulation stopped as the final word was spoken.

“Please, my Lady, I’ll do anything and everything you say.”

With that, the nipple was pushed forward for my hungry mouth to devour. At the same time, the slow stroking of my cock resumed causing me to swoon yet again. “There” she said, “breakfast for the hungry boy.” I licked and sucked gently at her tit as she stimulated my cock to the brink of orgasm. I was in heaven and didn’t want this to ever end. When she tenderly pulled away I was left breathless. “More?” she asked softly. My urgent nod initiated a repeat of the entire procedure, this time with the other breast. When she felt my impending orgasm approach again, she once again pulled her nipple away from my suckling mouth, got up and stood next to me leaving my angry cock dripping with excitement. “Still hungry?” asked Cassandra unnecessarily. When my pitiful pleadings had satisfied her, she slid off her shorts to expose the beautiful pussy which had become my world this week.  With one hand, she reached down and started to massage herself. “Well done boy, you’ve made me all wet.” Moistening a finger with her womanly juice, she smeared the musky fragrance on my upper lip. As the bouquet of natural feminine perfume engulfed my world and heightened my desire to yet another higher level, she asked “do you think my pussy is attractive?”

“Oh God, Cassandra… I mean my Lady” quickly trying to recover, “it’s beautiful. It’s the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen” again telling the truth.

“She” corrected my wife. “She’s the prettiest pussy you’ve ever seen is how you must phrase that.”

“Yes, my dear. Yes, my Lady, she’s the most beautiful pussy in the world.”

“Would you like to have a closer look?” Cassandra asked as her hand crept back to my still ridged shaft.

“Please” I begged in earnest. “Please… Oh God, Please let me see her up close, my Lady. Please!”

With that my wife jumped onto the bed. Her legs straddled my bound hands so that her pussy was inches from my face. “There you go, now you can see her in all her glory.” With my wife’s temple of womanhood so near my eyes, my entire field of view was consumed with her magnificent pussy. “Would you like to kiss her?” was her next question.

“You know I would, my Lady. Please, may I kiss your pussy?”

“Not yet” was the disappointing response. Her hand continued toying with my cock as she spoke, “I think you need to be a bit more respectful… more reverent when you speak to her. Don’t call her my pussy; from now on you will call her Ms. V.” The words shot through me like a lightning bolt. Ms V, respectful, Ms. V, reverent, Ms. V and the package on the bed. It all came together like an epiphany from the gods.

I cried out, “Please, Ms V, please may I kiss you. You’re so beautiful, so sexy and so gorgeous. I need to kiss you before I go mad with desire.”

Satisfied, my wife slowly lowered Ms. V to my face and I reveled in her wondrousness. I kissed her gently, no tongue to start. I kissed her all over; my lust fueled as much from the sight, smell and taste as from the incredible dexterity of my wife’s hand upon my throbbing member. The minutes ticked by as I worshiped Ms V in a manner I hoped was pleasing. I began to use my tongue and was rewarded with signals of passion escaping Cassandra’s lips; both sets of them. She must have had several orgasms before Cassandra lifted Ms V from my reach and smiled back with a lustful grin full of satisfaction.

“Very nice…. You have pleased Ms. V” she spoke still trembling. “You have delighted her sufficiently to earn a gift in return.” My fleeting hope was that Cassandra meant we could fuck. I shuddered with frustration as Cassandra released my cock and picked up the package on the bed. “Would you like to open it now?” When my futile struggling made it clear that my bondage would not permit such a task, my wife giggled and said, “Very well then, I will help you… this time.” I was reminded of the sexiness of my wife’s hands as she teased open the ribbons on the ruby red gift with the same dexterity she had only moments ago used on by penis.  As the wrapping fell away, I was presented with a shiny metal cage about the size of my closed fist. Not understanding, I looked to Cassandra’s eyes for enlightenment. “It’s for your cock, silly boy”, she said with glee. Since I still looked at her with a puzzled expression, she continued. “This is a gift from Ms. V which will make you honor her so much more. In fact, this is much like a wedding ring. Here, let me show you.” She continued speaking as if to an audience. “Do you, Quinn, take Ms. V as your lawfully wedded wife; to love, honor and obey?” She was fumbling with my cock as she spoke; pulling and twisting my ball in a gentle but firm manner. When she was finished, she turned and looked at me. “Well, do you?” she asked in a direct and forceful tone.

I only thought of one thing to say. “I do.”

And with that I heard a distinctive click as though a lock was being closed and my wife said once more “Everything as it should be.”

Cassandra resumed her position with her legs on either side of my face and spoke, “You may now kiss the bride.” And I did, repeatedly.

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Femdom Fiction featuring Mistress Cassandra – EAISB Chapter 2

Everything as it Should Be . . .

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Chapter 2 – The Three Wishes

The next week was a blur. Each day at work I struggled to maintain composure as women of all shapes and sizes unknowingly tortured my sex starved penis. Each night Cassandra required my hands, tongue and cock to perform sexual acts calculated to arouse her to ever greater levels of ecstasy and frustrate me beyond imagination. When Friday night finally arrived, I was a basket case and Cassandra knew it. She had booked a late dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in town.  Dressing for the event was a must. In readying ourselves for the outing, my wife suggested we shower together. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to see her naked, I whole heartily agreed. Under the hot spray, we proceeded to soap each other into a frenzied state of passion. After quickly rinsing, I started to massage her beautiful pussy. Even with the many times I had serviced I her temple of womanhood this week, my perpetual state of arousal flamed my desire to touch it yet again. In the commanding tone I had grown accustomed to in our new arrangement; my wife spoke the single word that revealed her desire, “Tongue.” I dropped to my knees and with the water splashing into my eyes; I pushed my face into her sex. I licked and sucked and nuzzled and kissed the flesh that I so wanted to fuck. My efforts were rewarded by an energetic orgasm that made me both proud and even more aroused. After her climax, I was hoping beyond all hope to follow suit. When she got down on her knees and started massaging my balls, I was in heaven. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment I had been waiting for, begging for, all week long. I felt a lubricant being liberally applied to my groin and smiled inwardly, at long, long last. My cock grew to its fullest while enjoying my wife’s massaging touches. Suddenly, I felt a pang of fear as new, unrecognized sensation touched my balls. Looking down I was startled to see Cassandra in the process of shaving my crotch. “What the…”

“Settle down” she said in a reassuring voice. “You don’t want me to slip, do you?”

“I don’t know if I want this!” I blurted out.

“Well I do” she responded crisply.  “And you do want to please me, don’t you?” That phrase was punctuated with a finger making tiny circles on my cock’s most sensitive spot. “I think you’ll like the… results.”

Not knowing exactly which interpretation to apply, but not being in any position to argue the point, I resigned to let her have her way. I uttered the phrase that seemed to be cliché this week, “Anything you say, dear.”

“That’s a good boy” she responded. “You just let me trim all of this nasty hair so you’re presented properly.”  Again, her choice of words could be interpreted more than one way. Before I could ask for clarification she continued, “When I get you all high and tight, I have a surprise for you this evening. Would you like a surprise?”

“You know it Cassandra. Can’t you see I’m dying for a good fuck? You’ve kept me on edge all week and I think I’m going to explode if we don’t screw soon. “

“Just the way I like you and exactly as it should be” she responded gleefully.  “Now let me finish what I started and you can dry and dress me for dinner.”

With that said she carefully finished shaving my pubic area and rinsed off the excess cream. Still luxuriating in the steamy water, she instructed me how to prepare towels to dry her magnificent body.

“Go get two of the guest towels, the soft fluffy ones we usually save for company.  Warm them under the bathroom heater and let me know when you’re ready to dry me off.” Happy to assist in this activity (and motivated by the chance to touch her naked flesh) I exited the shower and grabbed for a towel to dry myself before proceeding to the guest bathroom.

“NO”, she called out forcefully, “you say wet. Follow my instruction and…” she said changing her tone to a more seductive timbre “you may get that surprise I mentioned earlier”.

Obediently, shivering a little from the cold air, I retrieved the towels she requested and warmed them as instructed. When all was ready, I called to her over the splashing water. “Ready my Lady” choosing what I thought was an amusing phrase befitting the circumstances.

Hearing the water cease, my wife emerged from the shower in all her naked glory, a sight that once again made my semi erect cock rise to fullness.

“My Lady, I like the sound of that. You will continue to address me like that.”

Playing along with the game, I responded “As you wish, My Lady.” I proceeded to towel her dry with long, slow, gentle motions; patting any sensitive areas as necessary. Standing, she held out her leg and foot with the implied expectation of service. Not wanting to spoil the mood, I crouched to dry the offered areas.  She placed her hand on my head, as if to steady her balance and produced the second leg. When she had been completely dried, she looked down at me and said, “I’m going to the dressing room to put on my moisturizer. Why don’t you join me after you’re done?” Walking out of the room, she called back, “Don’t dirty another towel, just use the one already in your hands, and be quick about it.” Proceeding with haste, I dried myself with the semi-wet fabric that moments ago had been touching my wife’s nakedness. It still smelled of her which feed my already heightened desire. Reaching my groin, I was startled to see that not one hair remained and I was bald as a schoolboy. This new twist excited me even further so when I approached my wife I was rock hard and fully exposed.

“I like your new look… Very exciting… Very sexy! ”

“Thanks” I said.

“Thanks what?” she said seductively not looking up from the task of smoothing lotion on her long, well toned legs. The motion gave me ample views of her pussy which fueled my desire even more.

“Thank you, my Lady”

“Better” she responded with a sexy smile turning her gaze toward me. “Let’s not forget again, shall we?”

“No, my Lady”

“See that you don’t!” she quipped. “Now be a good boy and go fetch the shopping bags from our closet.”

 “Yes, my Lady” came my reply as I was proceeded by my cock dutifully bobbing towards the walk-in closet. Surprisingly, I found a whole host of shopping bags with names like Victoria’s Secret and Nordstrom’s. Collecting everything I could find, and I found quite a few, I returned to the dressing area to find my wife standing boldly, legs slightly spread, one hand on her hip and the other holding a small sparkling ring.

“Let’s get dressed, shall we? And to make it even more fun with all these new things, I’ll dress you and you dress me. I get to go first, here put this on” she commanded handing me the ring. Taking the item from my wife’s hand, I looked at it and then back at her with a puzzled expression. I couldn’t figure out what it was or how I should dress with it. “It’s for your cock, silly” she said with amusement. “It’s a cock ring. The perfect accessory for your new look.” Hesitantly, I worked at slipping it over my cockhead with obvious difficulty due to my still engorged member. “Don’t be a prude, just slide it on and push it to the hilt.” With me still struggling, Cassandra provided encouragement “Just imagine it’s my pussy. You know, the pussy your cock has been trying to penetrate all week?” That did it. I forced my cock into the too small opening of the ring and it slipped right to the root and held firm. “Beautiful” she exclaimed. The sight of my newly shaved cock protruding from the bejeweled ring was indeed striking. I didn’t know whether to be happy or mad at this adornment, but I sure was excited. My cock literally pulsed with lust. “Now my turn to get dressed” she said with an excitement I hadn’t heard in a while. Opening the expensive looking shopping bags she retrieved a necklace, earrings, two bracelets, shoes, stockings, panties, dress and a garter belt! My wife had never worn a garter belt in our entire marriage. Noticeably absent was a bra. When she noticed my bewilderment she smiled and stated that the dress she had picked out wouldn’t tolerate such a confining garment. Holding out her arms in the manner of a pharaoh of Egypt she commanded “Dress me!”

“Yes, my Lady” was my response as I proceeded to clumsily dress her with the finery she had obtained for this evenings excursion. It took me over a half-hour to get all the clasps, hooks, buttons, straps and ties properly connected. All the while, my cock remained rampant in its new form fitting ring. The result was stunning! My wife, who always looked beautiful, now looked positively regal. The dress, with its low cut back, plunging neckline and side slits almost to the hip rivaled anything seen on the red carpet in Hollywood. I wanted to take her so badly I actually whimpered. “Discipline, dear boy, Discipline!” she chided. “Here’s something to remember me by while you go put on your tuxedo. With that she fondled my still turgid cock until I was breathless. Then, turning away, she focused attention on her makeup and left me standing there panting. When it became apparent that I would get no more satisfaction until I had done as ordered, I left to get my monkey suit and proceeded to dress. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought I caught her glance in the mirror insuring the cock ring remained in place. Finally, both dressed in our fashionable best, we enjoyed a leisurely drive to her chosen dining spot.

Arriving at the restaurant, we were seated quickly. It could have been my  generous tip, or more likely it was the way my stunning wife spoke to the Maitre D’, but whatever the reason we were shown to one of the best tables within a few minutes of our arrival. Cassandra ordered champagne while I had my usual single malt scotch. When the drinks arrived, I lifted my glass to her and said, “To an unforgettable week.” With a coy smile she reached not for her glass but for her purse. Rummaging only briefly she extracted a key fob I hadn’t seen before. When her delicate finger pressed the remote, I almost dropped my drink. The cock ring she had place on me when dressing began to vibrate with an urgency befitting a caged rodent. Her smile broadened at my astonishment and she said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” I tried to recall anything I had missed while the ring performed its unholy dance. I couldn’t figure out what to do so I looked helplessly into Cassandra’s eyes.  She paused, enjoying my situation, and then finally revealed what must be done. “What did I tell you about how I must be addressed?”

Puzzlement turned to atonement as I spoke again, “To an unforgettable week, my Lady.”

Smiling, she pressed the remote again and lifted her glass. Thankfully, the buzzing at my crotch stopped but not before it had done its work. I was stiff as a board again.

“You are a deliciously sexy woman, my Lady!”

“And don’t your forget it!” came the response. “Not that I intending on letting you.” That last statement amplified by another short burst of vibrations. My engorged cock saluted both her ingenuity and sexy figure as our glasses met with a clink. Somehow she managed to find enough mistakes and infractions during dinner and desert to keep me continuously erect. At the end of it all, I was putty; I was less than putty in her hands. When offering to get the waiter for an after dinner drink, the required my Lady appended of course, she grabbed my attention a different way. “I think you’d enjoy that drink more at home, wouldn’t you?” I practically raced to pay the check and retrieve the car. On the way home, Cassandra commented on how motivated I’d been to please her throughout dinner. “Was it the dress or my new toy that kept you so attentive?” she gave the fob another press for emphasis.

“It’s you, my Lady; all you!” I replied truthfully.

“Good boy!” she said as she leaned closer to me. I’m glad we didn’t encounter any police on the way home because I drove like a groom late for his wedding. When we finally pulled into the driveway, Cassandra drew close, kissed me passionately and said, “Go get ready and slip into bed while I prepare. You still have a surprise coming.” Then, whispering hotly in my ear she added, “Make sure you turn off the lights.” I wanted to sprint from the car to the bedroom, but thought better of it. I opened her car door and escorted her inside before dashing to our bedroom and ripping off my clothes. Dousing the lights, I jumped into bed and listened to her movements first in the rooms below and then finally climbing the stairs to our bedroom. I didn’t need any battery operated encouragement for my cock to remain taut and ready.

Cassandra entered the room carrying a tray. On the tray, among other things, was a single lit candle. Still wearing in the teasingly revealing dress, her jewelry sparkled in the candlelight. I started to rise but she signaled me to stillness. I lay there captivated by her beauty illuminated by the lone flame. I wanted her. I wanted her so badly it sent shivers down my spine. Her movements were so slow and gracefully that the single point of light didn’t flicker as she crossed the room. Setting the tray by our bedside, she leaned close for what I thought was a kiss. The musky fragrance of her perfume enveloped my senses, she was so close.  

“Now” she said in a barely audible whisper, “are you ready for your surprise?” Seeing my affirmative nod she continued. “Tonight I’m granting you three wishes…” The silence was infuriating.  “However, unlike Aladdin you have to select those wishes from choices I offer you. Are you game?” Again my nod signaled her to proceed. “Good boy”, was her sultry response. “First wish, now listen carefully… Do you wish you could touch me?” She paused for effect, “Or do you wish to see me naked.”

“Please, my Lady, I wish to see you naked”, was my quick reply. In truth, my rebellious cock answered that for me before I could think about the choices.

“Wish number one granted”, she announced in a breathy voice. With that she removed a pair of handcuffs from the tray began to raise my arms above my head.

Resisting a little, I gazed at her searching for enlightenment. Smiling she explained, “By wishing to see me naked you also wished you could not touch me. Understand?” In truth it was logical, but the consequences of my wish only became apparent as she clicked the handcuffs shut. True to her word she then stood before me and performed the sexiest strip tease I had ever witnessed. My cock strained to touch her, but failed to achieve its goal. Now naked, she again leaned close and breathed, “Wish number two… Do you wish me to play with your cock?” That got my attention. “Or do you wish to masturbate for me?” In truth I wanted nothing more that to cum but playing her game required me to choose. If I asked her to play with my tortured dick, then I also chose not to masturbate.  Seemed like a safe bet.

“Please play with my cock”, I said. A momentarily lapse of consciousness was hopefully repaired by hastily adding “my Lady” and the end of my selection.

“Wish number two granted.” With that she picked up the fob I had grown to respect over dinner from the tray and pressed a few buttons. Sure enough, the cock ring holding my manhood began to pulse and vibrate with a life of its own. It buzzed slowly at first and then with fervor. It ramped up and down driving me to distraction. It did everything but satisfy my burning need to cum. “I just love playing with my new toys” she said with elation, “and masturbation is forbidden”. I answered with a groan of frustration.  Ignoring my guttural plea she climbed over my sex starved body; placing her succulent pussy right above my tortured member with her gently swaying breasts inches from my eyes. She asked sweetly, “Are you ready for your third and final wish of the evening?”

“Please, Oh please my Lady Cassandra, will you let me cum?”

“I’ll take that as a yes” she said ignoring my question altogether. Smiling with an evil smile she spoke, “Do you wish not to stay like this all night…” the dramatic pause was killing me, “or do you wish for three more wishes?” My mind raced, as much as it was capable of racing in my present circumstances. If I wished not to stay like this, I had no idea what would happen. Alternatively, wishing for more wishes may get my frenzied cock some blessed relief. There seemed little choice but to ask for more wishes. Informing Cassandra of my decision bought a sexy, evil laugh. “Wish number three granted. First, you will stay as you are all night. Second, you are granted three more wishes.” She climbed down from her sexy perch above my up thrust penis and settled in next to me as if ready for sleep.

I protested. “But what about my three wishes, my Lady?”

Her response devastated me. “I told you that you were granted three wishes tonight, you’ve had them. You’ll get to use your newly acquired three wishes the next time we play this game. Oh, and remember wish number two, no masturbation.” With that she pressed a few more buttons on the fob, kicking it into overdrive. “Nighty-night, boy” she said as she closed her eyes and placed her hand on my buzzing, bloated balls. I whimpered a little at her last comment, “Everything as it should be” before she fell fast asleep.

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New Femdom Fiction featuring Mistress Cassandra

Since I will be traveling for a few weeks, Mistress Cassandra has permitted me to post some of the fiction I have been writing at her command. I will post additional chapters of this work as time permits. Respectful comments are always welcome.

Everything as it Should Be . . .

Dedicated to the Queen of Denial

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Denial

It was Friday night after a particularly long week and my wife Cassandra had cleverly steered the conversation around to thoughts that she felt would enhance our lovemaking. Being a typical hot-blooded male, anytime she broached the subject of sex I listened with keen interest.

“Quinn,” she said in a breathy voice, “I think we need to spice things up a bit.”

“Do you have anything in mind?” I responded a bit too quickly. Mental images of her incredible naked form floated to the surface of my consciousness. Her reply puzzled me.

“I want too… well, you know… make it more exciting for both of us and (pausing momentarily) last a bit longer and happen more often.”

 “I didn’t know I disappointed you”, came my replied, “I always try to satisfy you before myself.”

Her response was reassuring, “Oh Quinn, your stamina is great. You give me wonderful orgasms all the time. It’s just that after you … (another awkward pause) … cum, you lose all interest sex for the next day or two and I have to waiting for you to reload before we can have at it again.”

With some relief I spoke carefully, “Thanks Cassandra, I appreciate the compliment but you know that’s natural for us males. We weren’t given your capacity for unlimited orgasms.”

“I know that Quinn”, she retorted with a little sarcasm, “Do you think I was born yesterday? What I have in mind is delaying you’re… (She softened her voice) release so we extend the pleasure. You know, sort of hold back the flood gates to prolong and increase our lovemaking.”

She was so sexy, so irresistible, in her expression there was no way I could say no. I wanted to take her right on the spot. “I’m game, anything you say dear”.

 “Oh Quinn”, she giggled, “you are the best man a woman could ever have. Let’s go upstairs right now and get started.”

We practically ran to the bedroom; touching and tickling all the way. We unbuttoned, unzipped and unsnapped each other in record time. Soon she was on her back, legs spread wide and I was filling her with slow, measured thrusts. The feel of her velvety sex was difficult to resist, but I concentrated on the words of our earlier conversation and held back for her satisfaction. It didn’t take long. Soon Cassandra was meeting every motion of mine with an equal and opposite reaction that had us both moaning and panting like animals. Fortunately for me, she climaxed before I had to withdraw to prevent the same. We lay together; her basking in the glow of post orgasmic bliss while I remained hard and fully primed.

“That was amazing Quinn”, she said after catching her breath.  “I could do that all day.”

“Glad one of us can”, I responded with a hint of dismay in my voice.

“But you can”, my naked wife beamed. “We can do this again an hour from now and you’ll be just as motivated as you were a moment ago.”

I couldn’t argue with her. My rampant erection made it impossible to refute her logic.

“Why don’t you go and get me some juice, I’m parched” she winked. “I need to stay hydrated after all that exercise.

Smiling, I spoke with a dry wit, “I’ve got plenty of juice right here and we don’t even need to get out of bed.”

“Quinn”, she said with mock sternness, “that fluid needs to stay right where it is so that you’ll be ready for round two. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten our little talk already?”

Jumping out of bed, I proceeded to the fridge; my voice echoing in the room as a left, “No dear, anything you say dear.”

“And don’t you forget it”, came the cheerful reply.

Two hours later I was at my desk, trying to concentrate on some paperwork leftover from the previous week. My cock wouldn’t completely soften. I could still imagine the intoxicating feel of Cassandra’s pussy. It was… haunting. No matter how many times I re-read the paragraphs in front of me, I couldn’t focus my mind on anything but sex. In this state, Cassandra’s arrival in the doorway, dressed only in bra and panties, was doubly overwhelming.

“Ready to go again?” she purred.

“I never stopped being ready”, came my quick answer.

“Good, I like my men like that” she said as she gracefully sat in the leather wingback chair opposite my desk. “Why don’t you show me what you’ve got, big boy.”

Unaccustomed to her directness, I stood up and began to remove my clothes.

“Slowly”, she whispered. “No need to hurry. Make it sexy. Imagine you’re a stripper trying for a big tip. Make me want you… need you.  First the shirts, then the pants, then… use your imagination.”

I tried my best to give her a show. Not practiced at this, I hesitated a little but her sultry demeanor helped me get into the part. Soon I was swinging my shed garments and flashing skin to her obvious enjoyment.

“Not bad” she said laughing. “I’ve seen better strip shows but never with a model so eager to please.”

I didn’t recall her mentioning strip shows before.

“You have natural talent” she continued. “A little training and you could go pro! Now come over here and let me feel the merchandize.”

As I move closer, she took my cock and balls in her hands. Oh God, such a feathery touch. I almost came right then and there. Sensing my overflowing passion, she raised her voice, “Whoa big fella, looks like you’re too skittish to even entering the starting gate. Maybe you should go down and get drink from the watering hole while you settle down.”

Guess correctly at what she meant, I dropped to my knees and slowly began to lick her already moist pussy. I rarely performed oral sex on Cassandra, believing that she preferred penetration. However on this occasion she opened like a flower, spreading her legs and her nether lips to accept my tentative advances. Soon she began urging me on with both her hands as well as passionate commands.


“Not there, lower… and deeper!”

“Use your whole mouth, not just your tongue!”

I tried to follow her urgent, insistent instructions as the heels of her feet dug into my back to spur me on. Like an experienced cowgirl riding her prize bull, she twisted and thrust her cunt against my face. I don’t know how long the ride lasted, but it must have been a record. She came with a violent shudder that had me holding her hips just to stay connected. My mouth and her pussy were the only things that existed for either of us at that moment. Finally, after several minutes of orgasmic aftershocks, she relaxed into the chair and smiled at me.

“Nice ride, I’ll have to pick you from the stable more often.”

“You’re quite the equestrian”, I responded getting my breath back, “a rough rider for sure.” I shifted my position, while still on my knees, to move my cock closer to her wet, inviting pussy I was kissing only moments before. As I moved to enter her, she stopped me. With my cockhead just touching her glistening sex she spoke.

“My stud wants to sew his wild oats? Just remember our new arrangement”, she said with authority. “You can slip in for a little trot, but absolutely NO ORGASM! Understand stud?”

 I could only nod yes is silence. I was so horny; I was disparate for any relief. Cassandra lay back fully naked and fully relaxed as I fucked. I pumped in and out of her until my forbidden orgasm approached. I looked pleadingly into her eyes but found no hint of compassion. Without a word she rejected my unvoiced request. Narrowing her beautiful eyes and with a slight tilt of her head the expression was clear. NO ORGASM was communicated so loudly that I withdrew immediately. My correct response was rewarded with devilish smile. We didn’t need to say anything. She exited the room with a regal air while I was left to collect my scattered clothing.

Similar scenarios were repeated four more times throughout the weekend each with similar endings. Each time she left completely sated while I was left high and dry. I was impulsively drawn to her, I really needed her… and she knew it. Whenever we were in the same room the sexual tension was undeniable. She would catch me looking at her and give me a knowing smile in return. Like a concert virtuoso she played me like a Stradivarius.

Finally, thankfully, at Sunday night dinner, Cassandra broached the topic of sex. “Quinn, this weekend was everything I could have hoped for… it was wonderful.”

“I could have hoped for a little more”, I said with far too much sarcasm in my voice.

“Don’t whine Quinn, it’s not attractive. You know you enjoyed every minute of it. You’ve lusted after me more this weekend than in the last year of our marriage. What’s more, you were a better lover than you’ve been in a long, long time. I say this little experiment was an unqualified success, wouldn’t you?”

She had a point. I hadn’t thought about sex this much since I was a teenager. Also, I didn’t want to disappoint her and I was still as horny as hell. I carefully choose my words so as not to offend my sexy wife.

“Yes darling, I’m sorry. It was an incredible weekend. Thank you for creating it for us.” A smile positively exploded on her face. Pressing my luck, I continued. “I’m a lucky man to be married to such a beautiful, sexy and imaginative woman. I wish we could make love right now.” There was no doubt about that last sentence being true. My cock was so hard it was practically ripping through my pants.

Those last words hung in the air like a fog. I waited… I examined Cassandra’s face for a hint of what she was thinking. Finally, a smile appeared on her lovely features. A Mona Lisa smile, promising everything but delivering only a taste.

“You want to cum?” Those full lips said smiling just a little more. “You want to release all the sperm that’s been building up this weekend?”

“Oh God, yes,” I replied starting to stand. I wanted… I needed to get closer to her. A simple hand signal from her froze me in my tracks. The smile remained but that lovely hand permitted me to go no further. I racked my brain for ideas on how to proceed. Desperately I search for a way to rescue my hopeless situation. Then, without consciously identifying them, the words came forth.

“Please, Cassandra!”

That was all it took. The hand stopping my advancement was withdrawn and the grin grew to that stunning smile I adored. As I approached, she opened her arms but remained seated. The only way for me to return the offered hug, and to feel her incredible body, was to get on my knees and wrap my arms around her… I did.

I hugged her so tightly and for so long that she finally exclaimed, “Quinn, you don’t want to hurt me do you?” I relaxed my bear hug and she continued. “You really are ready aren’t you?”

Having achieved success before, my mind responded instinctively, “Please, Cassandra, Please!”

“Please what?” she responded coyly.

“Please, I need you”, I said.

“Of course you do” her voice dripping with empathy. “And you’ve got me.”

“Can we…” my voice failing before finishing the thought.

“Can we what, my dear,” she prompted.

“Can we make love?” my voice all but trembling.

“I have a better idea” she cooed. “Take off those clothes and I’ll let you have what you need right here.”

I was naked and at her feet again in no time. The feeling when she closed her had around my cock made me swoon.

“Is this what you want?”

All I could do was expel a heavy sigh.

 “I didn’t understand you.” Her hand retreating from my cock momentarily while repeating the query, “Is that what you need?”

“Oh yes, God yes. I need you” was my immediate reply not wanting to lose the grip of her delicate hand again.

 “I know that you need me Quinn, but what else do you need?”

I couldn’t think with her hand slowly fondling my deprived, sensitive cock. The words flowed from my mouth as if on autopilot.

“I need to cum Cassandra”, is pleaded to my wife.

“That’s right. You need Cassandra. You need to cum. You need Cassandra to let you cum, isn’t that right?” she questioned me.

I wanted to cum so badly that no resistance was left. Her ultra soft fingers caressed my flesh in a way drove me mad.

“Yes. Please! I need Cassandra to let me cum. Please let me cum Cassandra.”

“Alright my anxious little boy” she admonished in a slightly superior tone. “I’ll let you squirt. But I want you to promise me something first. It’s something you’ll like. It’s something that will enable you to feel just the way you do right now.”

“Yes… Please… anything Cassandra! Please let me cum Cassandra!” The sensations invoked by her artful hand allowed for no disagreement.

 “I want you to promise that we’ll continue our new arrangement all next week. I want you to promise you’ll be ready to make love anytime I choose. I want you highly motivated for sex every night, just like right now. Will you promise?”

I promised anything and everything she asked. I promised to rub her feet on demand. I promised to give her a massage when requested. I promised to make her cum at any time and in any fashion she chose. But especially, I promised not to orgasm again until she allowed it.

“You promise not to make yourself cum when I’m not looking?” she asked.

“No Cassandra, I promise I won’t cum when you’re not looking.”

“I know you do that” she snapped.

“Do what?” I said innocently as possible.

“Masturbate” she said in harsh tone. “You masturbate when you think I’m not watching, don’t you.”

Stupefied at this turn of events, I remained silent.

“DON’T YOU?” her gentle hand moving from my cock to my exposed balls giving them a not so gentle squeeze.

“Yes” I said meekly. “I’m sorry Cassandra; it’s just that I get so horny sometimes.”

“Well that all changes as of this moment. No more playing with yourself. No more masturbation unless I say so, got it?”

“Got it” I said.

“Promise me” was the reply.

“I promise”

“You promise what” she said sharply.

“I promise not to masturbate without your permission Cassandra”.

“Good, I’m glad we have an understanding about that” her hand returning once again to my aching cock and stoking it with a skill that made me shiver with desire to my very core.

“Are you ready to cum now?” she asked again with a teasing smirk on her lips.

“Please Cassandra, Please, Oh Please may I cum for you now? Pleeeeeeeease!”

She released my cock from the erotic motions of her hand and said “Very well, you may now squirt for me.”

“But aren’t you going to…” my voice trailed off.

“No” she replied forcefully. “You have my permission, for this one time, to masturbate. I want to see what you were doing behind my back all those years. Now get going before I change my mind.”

I looked pleadingly into those exotic eyes but found no leniency. Her last statement lingered in my thoughts for only a moment before the comprehension kicked in. If I didn’t masturbate for her now, I might not get to cum at all. Given those choices, I quickly grabbed my dick and started stroking.  In less than a minute I was spraying all over the floor at her feet.

After I caught my breath, she smiled down at me and commented “that didn’t take long. Quite a load you deposited for me. Go get something to clean up this mess that you made.”  The emphasis on you was unmistakable. It was only then my mind perceived the inequality of the situation. My wife was completely dressed and seated comfortably in her chair while I was naked and on my knees at her feet having just jacked off after asking for permission. The expression on her face told me she knew my thoughts and was enjoying the embarrassment of my realization.

I started to speak, “Cassandra… I didn’t…”

“GO!” she interrupted. “Clean up your mess this instant.”

I struggled to get up and left to find the cleaning supplies necessary to remove the puddles of cum on the floor. Fortunately for me, when I returned she was gone.

Later that night, as we lay holding each other in bed, my wife whispered “Thank you for a lovely weekend. I’m still tingling all over.”

“Me too”, I replied without hesitation.

“I could tell” she whispered back as she reached down to take hold of my cock. Even with the previous encounter, it started to stiffen under her touch. “Everything as it should be” was the last thing I heard her say before I drifted off into a tenuous sleep.

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