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Femdom Fiction

As a long time reader of Femdom fiction, I have collected a few of my favorite sites to share with you. I hope you enjoy as I have. Authors, if your work is included in these sites, thank you for creating well written, quality fiction in this genre. If not, you are welcome to submit links for posting here. I will only post links to material that I enjoy. It’s subjective. It’s my blog.

MY WORKS (In Progress)

Everything as it Should Be – Featuring Mistress Cassandra


Carmenica Diaz – Elegant Femdom & Transgender Fiction
Femme Tease Books – Readable, Sophisticated Books and Stories
James Pendergrass Femdom – An Enclave for Sub Males
Lady Loren – Lady Loren’s Storefront
Penthouse Variations – The eLibrary of sex stories and letters
pink flamingo publications – Quality Bondage, Spanking and Erotic Novels
Lulu – Femdom catagory search

BDSMBooks – Quality E-books of Erotica, Domination and Submission
Kim Acton – Intensely Erotic Fiction
Ardorotica – Intense CFNM and Lite Femdom
Milton Newberry – A Little Help from My Friends
Will Schavis – The Femdom Conquest of Larry

INTERNET COLLECTIONS (with a few favorites)

Altairboy – Chastity Belt and Device Fiction
Husband Locked up After his Affair
Tease Island
Letter from Shana – Dreamlover 2000 fiction

– Amity’s Femdom Stories

BDSM Library – A Collection of Kinky Tales
Blue Balls – A Love Story – A young cheerleader takes charge
Clinical Teasing – A businessman checks into a sperm bank
Holiday Highlights – Mistress Tina takes her slave Peter on the cruise

Collar N Cuffs – The hottest in erotic fiction and Femdom fantasy

Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive – Female Dominant Category
Venus Slave Trap – Sexy secretaries who went to a special secretarial school
Hypnoslave – Richard enjoys his sessions with the beautiful hypnotherapist Rachel Green

Free Erotic Stories – Female Domination Stories – Erotic Stories
Femdom Island – Where the women rule and the men obey
I have an Idea – A girlfriend uses tease and denial to control her boy
Road Trip – Now others know of his submission
Seducing the Professor – Student seduces and dominates her professor
The Cabin – Katie’s fantasy of dominating Ken come true
The Toy Maker – Carol has a talent for making toys

Milovana – Stories Forum – Sexy stories with a BDSM twist!

The Mule – Femdom Fantasies, Fetish and Spanking
The Man Tamer – A female engineer builds a penis punishing device
Jessica – A secretary dominates her boss

Old Joe’s Collection – Alt Sex Stories Text Repository
Servicing the Debt
Lessons in Control

Robert Anthony’s Chastity & Femdom Blog

The Edge of Vanilla – Chastity Stories on Tom Allens’s Blog
Ahead of Time


Oral Sex She’ll Never Forget: 50 Positions and Techniques That Will… – Sonia Borg Ph.D.
She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman – Ian Kerner
Female Domination – Elise Sutton
The Femdom Experience – Elise Sutton
Uniquely Rika – Ms Rika
The Woman of the House – G. F. Green
Worshiping Your Wife – Mark Remond
Male Chastity: A Guide for Keyholders – Lucy Fairbourne
Be Careful What You Wish For… The Ultimate Guide to Male Chastity – Sarah Jameson


3 responses

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  2. ghassan maalouf

    thank you . i want more femdom i like sooooooooooo

    February 9, 2013 at 12:46 pm

  3. Hi, thank you for including me in your list, glad you enjoyed my writing.

    March 9, 2013 at 12:21 am

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