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The Mistress, the Violet Wand and the Chastity Cage

Last night was the beginning of weekend dedicated to serving my Mistress, the creative Mistress Cassandra. The opening act was the initiation of a new, recently received, violet wand. I was not allowed to remove the metal chastity cage before we started. Rather I was commanded to apply the wand’s electric touch to various sensitive body parts with the cage still firmly confining my manhood in its steely grip. When applied directly to the skin, the wand yields a (more…)


Mistress Cassandra and The Terrible Trio

Modified locking Kali's Bracelet


After being denied for almost 2 weeks, I was ripe for Mistress Cassandra’s training. Like hot steel being softened in the fires of chastity, my desire made me malleable, compliant and obedient. Taking full advantage of my docile condition, Mistress wielded both toys and taunts to torment me. Laughingly describing it as The Terrible Trio, Kali’s bracelet, the humbler and the posture collar were all called into service. You can read more about my weekend trials on Mistress Cassandra’s Blog. In the end, despite my anguished pleas for relief, I was denied the sweet release.

Continuing education with Mistress Cassandra

Yesterday I was permitted to talk with my wonderfully imaginative Mistress Cassandra. Having been two weeks since my last orgasm, I was very, very anxious to be allowed the privilege of just touching my cock in a stimulating fashion. Knowing this, Mistress cleverly had me prepare by ordering nipple clamps, prostate massager and the electo cock strap to be applied before contemplating any masturbation. Finally, after what seemed an eternity with the clamps  biting, the massager vibrating and the electro energetically pulsing, permission to touch my cock granted. I reveled in the glorious relief so long forbidden. The orgasm I so hungrily craved quickly approached. I stayed hovering on the edge, enjoying the sensations that I knew would be all to brief, while my Mistress enjoyed the show.  After seemingly only minutes (I’m sure it was longer), I was ordered to lock myself back into the cage without orgasm. Thus motivated I was given two assignments. First, the posture collar was to be locked around my neck until such time as she chose to release me. The second task, which was far more challenging, was to identify areas in which my service to both Mistress Cassandra as well as the Head Mistress needed improvement. Sleep did not come easily that night. Thinking about what to write while locked in collar and cage had me whimpering in frustration. I mailed my self-revealing letter to Mistress Cassandra this morning. What will she decide my next lesson should be?

A Gift from Mistress Cassandra

Collared for Mistress Cassandra

This past weekend, after eleven days locked in chastity, Mistress Cassandra favored me with her attention. First, thankfully, I was released from my chastity cage. Just being free from its confining grasp was gift enough to have me profusely thanking my imaginative Mistress. I slowly, deliberately, caressed the flesh that been denied for so long. However, manual relief was not what Mistress had planned for me. I was commanded to strap my cock into the electro harness for her entertainment. Slowly she forced the dial up, up and then up again. “More Juice” she demanded with a haunting chuckle.  I complied until my whole groin was buzzing with the electrical torment. Still not satisfied she required nipple clamps to further my submission. I complied, as always, to her directives wanting nothing more than to release my desire which she had so cleverly cultivated over the preceding days. Thus, judging me now properly conditioned and motivated… we talked. She comfortably seated while I stood clamped and highly charged. We discussed service-oriented submission as described by Ms Rika. It is not what the dominant does to the submissive but rather what the submissive does for the dominant. With the electrons sharply kissing my cock, her words made so much sense. I could do nothing but agreed with her irrefutable logic. Then, with Her lesson properly taught to her captive student, Mistress Cassandra instructed me to lock myself into the cage once again. There would be no orgasm today. Finally, since I had followed her instructions so dutifully, my kind Mistress gave me a gift. A gift that would last me the whole weekend. Under her careful supervision I was requested to lock a posture collar around my neck and fasten it with a numbered plastic lock. I quickly compiled and found myself standing at attention under her gaze. In a voice that I could tell was delivered with a smile, my sweet Mistress informed me that I could remove the cruel collar on Monday morning… but she might check back beforehand to insure strict compliance with instructions. So for the remainder of the weekend I stayed doubly locked for my beautiful Mistress. Thank you for my gift.