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A sneak peek inside DreamLover Labs

Maybe it’s because I travel a lot… Maybe it’s because I blog frequently… Whatever the reason, I recently got the rare opportunity to meet with the founder of DreamLover Labs and get a peek at the research and development activities of this unique company. We talked about the current product, the DreamLover 2000, and how many people fantasize about owning one either for themselves or their lucky partner. Speaking for myself, I thought about this a lot while it was still in development. The idea of Mistress Cassandra summoning me from afar and remotely punctuating her commands with electric exclamations seemed surreal. I for one was very impressed that they (more…)


q’s Metal Chastity Cage Adaptation for the Masses

"Control the cock, control the boy!"

I’m pleased to report that after months of merciless testing by Mistress Cassandra, the perfected adaptation of the Watchful Mistress combined with the Dreamlover 2000 is going into production. In fact, the great folks at Mature Metal will be showing the tantalizing combination of these two devices at Fetishcon this weekend. So if you’re in that area you can go and see it for yourself. Even better, you can order the pair and feel the power. You have my word that with that electrical encouragement, you will do your best to satisfy whoever holds the remote. My delicious Mistress Cassandra certainly enjoys how attentive I am when fitted with this devious duo. I recently listened to an interview where Mistress Delia and Mistress Layla interviewed Mistress MatureMetal and her craftsman / husband. It was they who artfully prepared the cage I that I’m currently locked into. During the interview, it became apparent that all three of the Mistresses were anxious to get their hands on the controls. I’m sure they will find the responses of their chosen, lucky males just as delightful and Mistress Cassandra does with me.

Watchful Mistress Update

I have been testing the new Watchful Mistress connected to the DreamLover 2000 for a few days now. As I reported before, the connectivity and reliability seems excellent. Regardless if I am clothed or not, standing, sitting, lying down, on my back, on my side, bending over, or whatever, those pulses come through! (Ouch!) Testing was done using a windows test program that randomly pushed the “Test stealth pulse” of the DreamLover Configuration dialog. Note that this “random pulse” routine would be an excellent addition to Mistress Cassandra’s arsenal of tricks since it really keeps you focused.

The team at DreamLover Labs has suggested that the plastic coating is not needed. Over the next week or so I will be validating this hypothesis. However, Mistress Cassandra wants me to finish testing quickly and hand all control over to her. What Mistress wants, Mistress Gets!

Dreamlover 2000 Review: First impressions

After months of waiting, the Dreamlover 2000 unit finally arrived today. First, neither Mistress Cassandra nor I are affiliated with Dreamlover Labs in any way so this is an unbiased, non-promotional account of my first impressions. Second, for those of you that posted disparaging comments about this site being a hoax or fantasy, you were wrong. As you can see in the photo, my unit arrived with all the components as advertised and they look gorgeous. The remote, with its highly polished plastic shell, is a thing of beauty. At only 3 inches tall and ¼ inch think, it’s smaller than I expected.  It comes complete with a small molded hole for easily attachment to a key ring and it’s thin enough to be slipped into a bra (not that I would know about such things). It’s the perfect accessory item for any fashion your Mistress may choose to wear; casual, formal or maybe something a bit more devastating… The receiver unit is very compact enabling unobtrusive attachment beneath clothing. The USB link is, well… a USB stick. Overall the components are attractive and look professional.


In preparation for the big day, I grabbed the DL Uplink software from the downloads area at the DL site and installed. (You can download and try this software in demo mode even if you don’t have the device.) Everything worked as advertized with only a minor issue with Windows 7 permissions. I reported my findings and WOW, such responsive support. They quickly replicated the problem, sent me a new version and even gave me a credit on their blog! Nice touch. Installing the drivers on Windows 7 was a bit of a problem because of MS signing requirements, so I quickly moved to a Vista machine and had no issues. (DL support informed me there is a simple way to work around the Win 7 restrictions) With the drivers running, I fired up the application and it asked me to set the owner for this receiver. Once completed, I couldn’t help myself. I had to hit a button to see if everything was communicated. Sure enough, pressing the pager selection yielded several reassuring “chirps” from the receiver unit. So far so good.  


I attached the required connections to my old school CB3000 without any problems. The instructions on the DL site were clear and self-explanatory.  I hand tightened the plastic nut to prevent stripping the threads.  The resulting configuration is seen in the picture below. There is plenty of opportunity for optimization in the mounting, but more on that in later posts. I was getting anxious to try out the features.


The only customization I wanted initially was to name the silent commands for Mistress Cassandra. Remember, a good submissive goes out of his way to make life easier for his Mistress. To do this, I entered the customization panel on the DL Uplink software, found the silent command panel and type them in. Whoops, they didn’t seem to be saved. Trying again, I retyped them and modified the tempo up one tick and then back down. Sure enough, when navigating away from the panel I was prompted to save the silent command modifications to disk. Even better, when I logged into the web management panel on the Nexus, those new names appeared! Again unable to resist, I selected one of the silent commands I had just named from the web console. Sure enough, a few seconds later the receiver chirped and vibrated the requested command to the disembodied receiver. Hey, this is really fun!


The time had come; it was the moment of truth. Time to be saddled up and feel those electronic spurs. It took a little finesse, but I finally got everything in place and properly positioned. I was ready for the first test. I selected “pager” since it was advertized as minimal severity, attention-getting pulses. Sure enough, it got my attention! I’m sure most of you want to know what it felt like. If you have ever experienced a TENS unit, then you know roughly the sensation but in a single, short pulse. For those who haven’t had this experience, imagine a clamp with dull points that closes on the contact areas for a very brief period of time and then is gone. It’s startling; not pleasurable but not overtly painful either. Summoning my courage, I issued “Low” and “Med” pulses. These induced the same sensations yet more intense. Finally the “High” pulse was issued with some trepidation. More intense, not painful, but definitely not something you want to repeat. The technique DL uses is quite effective in grabbing your attention and persuading you to be a good boy. I’m sure Mistress Cassandra will have loads of fun zapping my privates to get my attention, reinforce her authority and to improve my productivity. She has indicated that this weekend will be interesting.


I didn’t have time to play with all the modes and features yet (there are so many). Overall the Dreamlover 2000 is a unique, well designed and manufactured product. The hardware is attractive, solid and reflects a dedication to quality engineering that is not found in many sex toy manufacturers. Mounding the electrodes for long-term wear will be a little challenging, but with some experimentation and creativity those challenges can be easily overcome. (Dreamlover Labs has done the really hard part; designing the electronics, writing the software and getting it to market.) The software and features are unique and very usable. The issues I found are minor and never put the user in harm’s way. The support is fantastic! I received a new software version fixing the silent mode naming issue from the Dreamlover team even before finishing this post. WOW, when was the last time that happened with a product? Look for more news here as I become the dreamlover Mistress Cassandra requires. Better yet, give my creative Misttress a call and become a dreamlover yourself!

The Dreamlover 2000 order is in!

Soon after Dreamlover Labs opened their online orders, Mistress Cassandra and I decided to give it a try. The price is steep, but being on the cutting edge of any technology has its price. We were hoping to have the unit this weekend for experimentation but sadly the Male Management Goddess didn’t cooperate so we will have to wait a little longer (talk about tease and denial!). Mistress Cassandra did successfully connect through the companies Male Management Nexus which allowed her to remotely “push my buttons”. While we impatiently wait for the Dreamlover 2000 to arrive, I proposed a list of actions to be programmed into the “silent commands” for my Mistress.  The silent commands are unique vibratory patterns delivered to my penis through the built in arousal inducer at the touch of a button on Mistress’ command console to invoke behavioral roles or specific actions. So what commands would most please my most talented Mistress? Here are the options I have presented her so far:

  • Dismissed (remove any toys, get dressed, resume prior activities / duties)
  • Get naked
  • Kneel
  • Stand at attention
  • Apply nipple clamps
  • Insert anal toy
  • Apply and lock cuffs, collar
  • Apply gag (no eating, drinking or smoking!)
  • Exercise
  • At ease/rest
  • Chant mantra/meditate
  • Shower

If you have ideas on additional actions that you think would amuse Mistress Cassandra to command me from afar, please leave a comment. I will be recording and updating my impressions and experiences on this blog regularly. In the meantime, why not give Mistress Cassandra a call to discuss your own chastity training program; with or without a Dreamlover strapped to your manhood.

DreamLover: radio-controlled male chastity with a remote for the Modern Mistress

Mistress Cassandra recently assigned me the task of scouring the net for all things new on male chastity. While obediently investigating, I discovered DreamLover Labs; a company focused on creating high-tech “male management” devices. Reportedly they will soon be selling a radio-controlled receiver unit designed to mount on many popular chastity devices that can punish, pleasure, summon or leash a male all at the touch of a button on a hand-held remote control. Correction is delivered in the form of an electric shock at one of three power levels; reminder, warning or punish while the “good boy button” rewards the male by enabling a vibrator for a programmable period of time. A summon function emits a sound on the receiver unit to alert the wearer his presence is required. The leash feature insures that the male stays within an adjustable distance from the included USB device link. Straying outside this range will invoke the punishment routines. The USB device link also enables remote management and status reports from any internet browser or mobile web device. To enable remote management, DreamLover Labs hosts a server to enable a one-to-one connection from the web-based management panel of the Mistress and windows based application connected to the USB device link of the male. The management panel duplicates functions available on the hand-held remote control and allows them to be delivered from anywhere internet access is available. Additionally, this panel reports if the male receiver device is within range and continuously functioning. I recently participated in a system test of this remote management software and it performed as advertised and expected. Loading the Mistress Management panel from my Blackberry’s browser and selecting Arousal Inducer 1 caused the corresponding message to be displayed on my device link application a few seconds later. Male management meets the World Wide Web! DreamLovers Labs has opened this software for beta testing to the community and can be obtained here. Additional, they are gathering the Femdom inclined for an education committee to develop courses that can be used in conjunction with the receiver and USB device link to train males on a variety of topics unattended. Female authority and male obedience will soon be delivered with the technology of the 21st century.

your host and Her servant, q