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Dreamlover 2000 meets the Watchful Mistress

With the help of some elastic electo bands, the Dreamlover 2000 meets the Watchful Mistress.

Details to follow….

Mistress Cassandra had fun playing with me in this fashionable outfit.


Continuing education with Mistress Cassandra

Yesterday I was permitted to talk with my wonderfully imaginative Mistress Cassandra. Having been two weeks since my last orgasm, I was very, very anxious to be allowed the privilege of just touching my cock in a stimulating fashion. Knowing this, Mistress cleverly had me prepare by ordering nipple clamps, prostate massager and the electo cock strap to be applied before contemplating any masturbation. Finally, after what seemed an eternity with the clamps  biting, the massager vibrating and the electro energetically pulsing, permission to touch my cock granted. I reveled in the glorious relief so long forbidden. The orgasm I so hungrily craved quickly approached. I stayed hovering on the edge, enjoying the sensations that I knew would be all to brief, while my Mistress enjoyed the show.  After seemingly only minutes (I’m sure it was longer), I was ordered to lock myself back into the cage without orgasm. Thus motivated I was given two assignments. First, the posture collar was to be locked around my neck until such time as she chose to release me. The second task, which was far more challenging, was to identify areas in which my service to both Mistress Cassandra as well as the Head Mistress needed improvement. Sleep did not come easily that night. Thinking about what to write while locked in collar and cage had me whimpering in frustration. I mailed my self-revealing letter to Mistress Cassandra this morning. What will she decide my next lesson should be?

A Month of Denial and the Head Mistress

Last night, after 31 long days and nights of chastity, Mistress Cassandra allowed me out of the cage. Orgasm, however, is strictly prohibited until my wife (or as Mistress Cassandra calls her ‘The Head Mistress’) grants me that favor. Until then, I am permitted to masturbate and edge as much as I desire so long as I defer control of my first orgasm in over a month to the Head Mistress. The waiting is excruciating torment. My goal so close yet still out of reach. Waiting for a woman to allow me the pleasure my body so desperately craves. Mistress Cassandra’s voice is still ringing in my ears, “only she can relieve your aching desire”. So I wait…