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Mistress Cassandra and The Terrible Trio

Modified locking Kali's Bracelet


After being denied for almost 2 weeks, I was ripe for Mistress Cassandra’s training. Like hot steel being softened in the fires of chastity, my desire made me malleable, compliant and obedient. Taking full advantage of my docile condition, Mistress wielded both toys and taunts to torment me. Laughingly describing it as The Terrible Trio, Kali’s bracelet, the humbler and the posture collar were all called into service. You can read more about my weekend trials on Mistress Cassandra’s Blog. In the end, despite my anguished pleas for relief, I was denied the sweet release.


Intense erotic tension with Kali and Mistress Cassandra

Imagine if you will that you have been denied for 3 weeks; continually locked in a chastity cage that prevents any form of self stimulation or erection. Then, suddenly, you’re freed from the confines of the cage. You can, for the first time in weeks, feel the breeze on your cock as the wind blows past. You can see the part of your body that gives you so much pleasure and torment unharnessed. The plastic and metal that have prevented you from receiving the gratification you’ve desired for so long is now absent. But there’s a catch. With Mistress Cassandra there is always a catch. The chastity cage enclosing your cock has been replaced with a locking Kali Bracelet, an open metal ring with sharp points (or teeth) lining the interior. As long as you can remain flaccid, the teeth won’t intrude on your sensitive member. However, an erection would be punished by Kali’s painful bite. This scenario creates an intensely erotic dilemma. Not only can’t you touch the flesh which has been imprisoned for so many days, you are now prevented from even thinking about it. Erotic thoughts must be quickly dismissed to avoid arousal which would be detrimental to your manhood. It is then you realize that clever Mistress Cassandra is now not only controlling your actions but your thoughts as well. To increase the torment, you’re informed that the orgasm you so crave may be granted today. The longer you remain in Kali’s clutches, the better your chances of being allowed relief. What a paradox! Do you beg for release quickly and diminish the probably of orgasm? Do you endure the erotic tension of trying to avoiding sexual thoughts in the hopes of increasing your chances? I managed to survive for over 6 hours under this sword of Damocles when finally Mistress Cassandra granted me a reprieve. I thankfully removed the bracelet and followed my Mistress’ additional detailed instructions (almost).

Cock meet Kali, Kali domesticate Cock!

Modified locking Kali's BraceletNow here’s one chastity device that promotes all work and no play. Unlike the other chastity devices (CB3000, BON4, CB6000s, Watchful Mistress) which Mistress Cassandra employs to shield my cock from playful fingers, Kali’s open-ended design allows free access to the head and most of the shaft. But watch out! Sharp teeth lining the inside of this ‘bracelet’ that are innocuous when flaccid will dig into your cock at the beginnings of any erection; a real deterrent to any arousal whether induced from mental, visual or manual stimulation. To keep this devilish device in place,  the holes in the interlocking tabs of Kali were widened to one-quarter inch. This enabled it to work with the rings and pins of the old school CB3000 (a good use for these components since they have been superseded by the CS6000s and the Watchful Mistress). The resulting contraption locks the bracelet closed and prevents it from being slipped off. The teeth punish any attempted erection with sharp bites. The result is a truly precarious predicament for the unfortunate wearer. It absolutely guarantees no net surfing for those sexy images and unwavering focus on those tasks set forth by Mistress Cassandra. What would you do if your Mistress locked Kali on you?

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