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DreamLover: radio-controlled male chastity with a remote for the Modern Mistress

Mistress Cassandra recently assigned me the task of scouring the net for all things new on male chastity. While obediently investigating, I discovered DreamLover Labs; a company focused on creating high-tech “male management” devices. Reportedly they will soon be selling a radio-controlled receiver unit designed to mount on many popular chastity devices that can punish, pleasure, summon or leash a male all at the touch of a button on a hand-held remote control. Correction is delivered in the form of an electric shock at one of three power levels; reminder, warning or punish while the “good boy button” rewards the male by enabling a vibrator for a programmable period of time. A summon function emits a sound on the receiver unit to alert the wearer his presence is required. The leash feature insures that the male stays within an adjustable distance from the included USB device link. Straying outside this range will invoke the punishment routines. The USB device link also enables remote management and status reports from any internet browser or mobile web device. To enable remote management, DreamLover Labs hosts a server to enable a one-to-one connection from the web-based management panel of the Mistress and windows based application connected to the USB device link of the male. The management panel duplicates functions available on the hand-held remote control and allows them to be delivered from anywhere internet access is available. Additionally, this panel reports if the male receiver device is within range and continuously functioning. I recently participated in a system test of this remote management software and it performed as advertised and expected. Loading the Mistress Management panel from my Blackberry’s browser and selecting Arousal Inducer 1 caused the corresponding message to be displayed on my device link application a few seconds later. Male management meets the World Wide Web! DreamLovers Labs has opened this software for beta testing to the community and can be obtained here. Additional, they are gathering the Femdom inclined for an education committee to develop courses that can be used in conjunction with the receiver and USB device link to train males on a variety of topics unattended. Female authority and male obedience will soon be delivered with the technology of the 21st century.

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