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The Mistress, the Violet Wand and the Chastity Cage

Last night was the beginning of weekend dedicated to serving my Mistress, the creative Mistress Cassandra. The opening act was the initiation of a new, recently received, violet wand. I was not allowed to remove the metal chastity cage before we started. Rather I was commanded to apply the wand’s electric touch to various sensitive body parts with the cage still firmly confining my manhood in its steely grip. When applied directly to the skin, the wand yields a (more…)


q’s Metal Chastity Cage Adaptation for the Masses

"Control the cock, control the boy!"

I’m pleased to report that after months of merciless testing by Mistress Cassandra, the perfected adaptation of the Watchful Mistress combined with the Dreamlover 2000 is going into production. In fact, the great folks at Mature Metal will be showing the tantalizing combination of these two devices at Fetishcon this weekend. So if you’re in that area you can go and see it for yourself. Even better, you can order the pair and feel the power. You have my word that with that electrical encouragement, you will do your best to satisfy whoever holds the remote. My delicious Mistress Cassandra certainly enjoys how attentive I am when fitted with this devious duo. I recently listened to an interview where Mistress Delia and Mistress Layla interviewed Mistress MatureMetal and her craftsman / husband. It was they who artfully prepared the cage I that I’m currently locked into. During the interview, it became apparent that all three of the Mistresses were anxious to get their hands on the controls. I’m sure they will find the responses of their chosen, lucky males just as delightful and Mistress Cassandra does with me.

Watchful Mistress Update

I have been testing the new Watchful Mistress connected to the DreamLover 2000 for a few days now. As I reported before, the connectivity and reliability seems excellent. Regardless if I am clothed or not, standing, sitting, lying down, on my back, on my side, bending over, or whatever, those pulses come through! (Ouch!) Testing was done using a windows test program that randomly pushed the “Test stealth pulse” of the DreamLover Configuration dialog. Note that this “random pulse” routine would be an excellent addition to Mistress Cassandra’s arsenal of tricks since it really keeps you focused.

The team at DreamLover Labs has suggested that the plastic coating is not needed. Over the next week or so I will be validating this hypothesis. However, Mistress Cassandra wants me to finish testing quickly and hand all control over to her. What Mistress wants, Mistress Gets!

A blissful marriage – Watchful Mistress & Dreamlover 2000

Goaded on my Mistress Cassandra’s insistence that the Dreamlover 2000 be continuously available and at her disposal as a training incentive, I relentlessly pursued improvements which would enable me to sport this device 24/7. While my earlier attempts at attaching the Dreamlover were very effective at delivering her sinister electronic zap, they failed to be practical for long term wear. However, with a little ingenuity and help from the wonderful people at both Mature Metal and Dreamlover Labs I now have a customized cage that will fulfill my Mistress’s requirements.

A Metal Chastity Cock Lock is the Solution


Parachute Playtime with Mistress Cassandra

In a previous session, Mistress Cassandra ordered me to obtain a one gallon jug which could be attached to a parachute that in turn would be attached to my balls. Needless to say, I complied with her wishes and obtained the required item. However, since I was locked into the Watchful Mistress at the time, there was no way I could try out this new torment until given permission. I filled the container about half full and recoiled at the weight. Could my tender orbs take this strain? When the time arrived and Mistress allowed the chastity device off and the parachute on, I was unable to tolerate the burden. Thankfully, Mistress allowed me to pour out some of the fluid (finally ending at one-quarter full) until I could endure this load. With this apparatus tugging at my sensitive nuts, I was finally allowed to touch my cock. What a torment! Even though I desperately needed the relief that she had allowed, I couldn’t enjoy the momentary stimulation because of the constant ache induced by the weights. As the jug swung back and forth between my legs, I desperately attempted the brief and hopeless task of achieving satisfaction. With her evil laugh taunting me, I struggled in vain at my assigned task for what seemed like hours. When my plight and whimpering became tiresome for Mistress Cassandra, I was ordered to remove the parachute and lock back into chastity (without orgasm, naturally). She did comment that the next encounter would involve increasing the level of liquid and maybe attaching the Dreamlover to provoke involuntary muscular movement from its electrical inspiration. Mistress Cassandra is so creative in devising wicked ordeals for me. Thank You my Mistress!

Dreamlover 2000 meets the Watchful Mistress (part deux)

In my first posting on using the Dreamlover 2000 with the Watchful Mistress, I promised that there would be additional details. So to fulfill that promise (as a good submissive must always do) I’m pleased to report a very viable solution. This solution is a combination of the two techniques I had previously presented; elastic electro bands and TENS pads. Connecting the first electrode to a band stretched around the balls yields a good and reliable electrical connection isolated from the metal device. The TENS pads for testicular connections had a tendency to become unstuck due to physical movement where the band “hangs in there”. For the second electrode, a TENS pad positioned inside the chastity device, adhered to the top of the penis, will remain fixed in place due to close proximity to the sheath. The elastic band was impractical due to its size, fastener and connector. Thus, using the combination achieves reliable connections that can “go the distance” day or night. My apologies to you guys in metal that were anxious to avoid a Dreamlover 2000. However, my service to Mistress Cassandra’s commands and desires must come first.

As I was writing this entry, Mistress Cassandra just “remotely managed” me. I can assure you that the connections described above achieve excellent connection to the Dreamlover 2000. Even using the default settings for the pulse times, the MEDIUM pulse had me on my knees wishing I could beg her for leniency.  

Dreamlover Energizes the Humbler

After I was locked in the Watchful Mistress last night, my wonderfully cleaver and deliciously devious Mistress Cassandra informed me of a new plan to further enhance my remote torment with the Dreamlover 2000. As seen in the photo, this scenario has the DL’s electrodes connected to the electrical terminals of the humbler! Oh how very, very wicked! Thus restrained, not only will I be kept on all fours as long as it amuses Mistress, but she will also have the option of zapping me in the balls on my “Male Management Control Panel” at her whim. She dictated that this weekend I will be on instant messenger camera while she choreographs my humbled submissive prancing sprinkled with Dreamlover controlled incentives from afar. Mistress Cassandra’s voice was dripping with enthusiasm and delight as she speculated on possible instructions and my helpless reactions to her electrically enforced commands. Just the thought of what’s to come (and what’s not to come) fills me with both excitement and fear. What will she have me do while humbled? How long will I be locked in this humiliating position? Will I be grated the favor of even a small amount of sexual relief? Since my beautiful Mistress will read this post before the session starts, I invite you to leave a comment. This is your opportunity to assist in creating an unforgettable encounter.

Dreamlover 2000 meets the Watchful Mistress

With the help of some elastic electo bands, the Dreamlover 2000 meets the Watchful Mistress.

Details to follow….

Mistress Cassandra had fun playing with me in this fashionable outfit.

Two Watchful Mistresses

It was a weekend of mind numbing, bone jarring, raw hot sex that was worth every agonizing second of the month long denial which preceded it.  Now, however, my beautiful Mistress Cassandra has ordered me back into the cage for another sentence of indefinite chastity and denial. I don’t know what she has planned; I only know that I must obey. My cock is now confined in the unyielding grip of pure surgical stainless steel, The Watchful Mistress by Mature Metal (you can see the evolution on my Mistress Cassandra’s blog). My first night in this new chastity device was sensuously maddening. While comfortable to wear, its custom fitted confines allowed no room for expansion of any sort. The hardened metal quickly dismissed any hints of rising passion as easily as Mistress Cassandra does in our all too infrequent encounters. So I begin the long wait again… my desire mounting as the hours pass. I know from past trials that I will soon become desperate for relief. Frantic with cravings that will be exploited by my cleverly cruel yet hauntingly desirable Mistress; I will succumb to her rule. The future is not yet written.